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The GamesBids FIFA WC 2026 Logo Comp Final  

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  1. 1. Which Logo should win the GamesBids FIFA World Cup 2026 Final?

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Final intro

This is it. The Gamesbids Logo World Cup Final 2026. Of all the polls made over the last week, this is the big one.

12 entered, 10 left, & now only the strongest 2 remain. Only this vote stands between them & the first Logo World Cup title.

The picture in Rols' post above shows our finalists against each other. The poll at the top refers to this match - it's as simple as it gets. The final itself is as follows:

Final: China 1 v Spain.

There are no other matches, of course.

Here are the rules for voting in this final:

1) It's one vote per person.

2) You have 24 hours to vote - voting in this stage is open until 11pm UK time on SUNDAY 10 JULY.

3) The winning logo will be declared the first Gamesbids Logo World Cup champion.

4) If a match ends in a draw, I will take the penalty shoot-out (casting vote). I will not vote in the regular voting time, & if I do need to use a casting vote, I will base it first on suitability for an actual World Cup & then on my own subjective opinion.

5) You can vote for your own logo if you want to.

Our vote scrutiniser - Mr S. Blither - is here to ensure it all goes well. If you have any questions, slide him a brown envelope under the table & he'll see what he can do.

All that's left to say now is thanks to Rols for being his usual good egg & enabling this to happen, good luck to both our finalists, & may the best logo win. Happy voting!

Lol - intercepted again :lol:

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Wow. So I suppose I didn't expect that. Thanks very much everyone. I wonder which one will be the winner. I refrained from voting for the final, and I expected a tie (as it is now) so that Yoshi could be the one making the final decision. Thanks again to both SirRols (you were right) and Yoshi, and to the ones who took part in the votes. ;)

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Final result

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a champion!

And as Mark Clattenburg blows his whistle to signal the end of the final, the score is:

China 1: 7. Spain: 7.

Oh dear.


We're going the distance - Rols tells me that this is Gamesbids' first ever tiebreak. So penalties it is...I'd like to start by saying that both logos are perfectly realistic & viable real logos. So it's my subjective thoughts on the designs alone. Ok. The shootout is over.

NOW we have a champion!

And as Sepp's saying we haven't paid him enough, Jack's in prison, and Michel's too busy drowning his sorrows, it falls to the actual FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, to make the presentation:

The champion of the Gamesbids Logo World Cup 2026 is:

JO2024, with-a


CHINA 2026!

So all that's left to say is congratulations to JO2024, who can at least bring something to France tonight, thank you to all those who put their designs up for scrutiny - always a brave thing to do. And of course, thank you Rols - who not only did his usual thing, making the pics, starting the polls, & generally making the whole thing happen, but also provided the Iceland story of the comp by getting to the semis, defying all expectations - especially his own :lol:

So, that's it from the first Gamesbids Logo World Cup, the next chance to design something will presumably be the big one in December, but from this one, it's thank you & goodnight :)

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Ahah! That pic of Gianni is absolutely brillant! Thanks Yoshi, that's the one I would have gone for! I'm really happy right now, this compensates France's loss tonight. Thanks again to all of you! This was a great competition! Hats down to Yoshi and SirRols. I can't wait for the next competition! Merci les amis

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Congrats JO! Well deserved - either would have been a fitting champion. Hope to see you join in the December logo comp (yes, I think I will be back with another one this year). It'll be good to have some strong competition to the Paul's, Davey's and Malaysian twins of the board.

I really got enthused by the format - great idea Yoshi! I don't know if I'd use it for the Olympic logo comp, I think IOC procedures are more fitting for that. But I am thinking of doing a similar tournament style during the Rio games - the time may have come to finally settle the "Best of the Best" of the past logo camp winners. Just wondering how to seed Paul's six winners.

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