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GamesBids FIFA WC 2026 Logo Comp - Quarter Finals 3 & 4

GamesBids FIFA WC 2026 Logo Comp - Quarter Finals 1 & 2  

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  1. 1. Which Logo Should Progress from QUARTER FINAL 3?

  2. 2. Which Logo Should Progress from QUARTER FINAL 4?

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And over to Yoshi -

Yoshi: The group stage is over. This is where the Gamesbids Logo World Cup gets serious - it's a knockout!

The groups knocked out 4, & we now have our final 8 entries that will battle it out to be champion - and it's now one-on-one from here to the end.
The picture in Rols' post above shows our 8 entries in 4 pairs - the QF matches. Each of the 2 polls at the top refers to one of these matches. The groups being voted on in this thread are as follows:
QF3: China 1 v USA 2.
QF4: England v New Zealand 2.
There's another thread for voting in the other matches, QFs 1 & 2.

Here are the rules for voting in this stage:
1) It's one vote per person, per match. You can vote in as many or as few matches as you wish.
2) You have 24 hours to vote - voting in this stage is open until 11pm UK time on FRIDAY 8 JULY.
3) The winning logo in each match at the close will progress to the next round - the Semi-Finals.
4) If a match ends in a draw, I will take the penalty shoot-out (casting vote). I will not vote in the regular voting time, & if I do need to use a casting vote, I will base it first on suitability for an actual World Cup & then on my own subjective opinion.
5) You can vote for your own logo if you want to.

Our vote scrutiniser - Mr S. Blither - is here to ensure it all goes well. If you have any questions, slide him a brown envelope under the table & he'll see what he can do.
At the end of this round, the Semi-Finals will be arranged according to Rols' picture. The competition will continue as a simple knockout - culminating on Sunday 10 July, just after the new European champions are crowned.
All that's left to say now is thanks to Rols for being his usual good egg & enabling this to happen, good luck to all our contenders, & may the best logo win. Happy voting!

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Ok...I just come in to paste up exactly what you see above, only to discover that Rols has already done it :lol: Not much else I can say really, other than that the rules you see are the rules you'll get - voting's open until 11pm tomorrow & good luck. That's it, really *twiddles thumbs* :P

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The Quarter-finals are now over - voting is CLOSED. The results of QFs 3 & 4 are as follows:

QF3: China 1: 9. USA 2: 2.

QF4: England: 6. New Zealand 2: 5.

We therefore must say goodbye to Paul's US entry, and to Glacib's NZ entry. This is the end of the road for New Zealand but America still has one logo left. However, we do need to say goodbye to Paul & Glacib, who's logos have sadly wiped out this time :(.

The 2 winners progress to the next stage - the Semi-finals (SFs). As specified in the picture in the first post, the matchups are:

SF1 - USA 1 v China 1.

SF2 - Spain v England.

The SFs will begin soon, as soon as the poll can be started. In the meantime, commiserations to the eliminated 4, and well done to our final 4 :)

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