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URGENT: Rio de Janeiro decrees public calamity by financial crisis.

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Government of Rio de Janeiro, decrees public calamity.

Brazil has just received the news that Rio de Janeiro, decreed financial calamity. Information now disclosed to poucl

The crisis in the Rio de Janeiro led the governor, Francisco Dornelles, to declare state of public calamity on Friday (17). The information was confirmed by the government's press office.

According to the decree, published in the Official Gazette, the reason is the serious financial crisis that prevents the fulfillment of the obligations as a result of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to the paper, the government fears a "total breakdown in public security, health, education, mobility and environmental management."

"They are the competent authorities authorized to take exceptional measures necessary for the rationalization of all essential public services, with a view to holding the Games," says Article 2 of the decree.

Finally, the governor cites the "importance and worldwide impact" of the event, "where any institutional destabilization imply risk to the country's most difficult recovery image."

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Rio de Janeiro declares ‘public calamity’ just weeks ahead of 2016 Olympics

‘Serious economic crisis’ blamed on tax shortfall as country’s oil revenues slide


The state of Rio de Janeiro has declared a “state of public calamity” due to severe financial difficulties less than 50 days before the start of the Olympic Games. State governor, Francisco Dornelles, said the “serious economic crisis” could stop the government from “honouring its commitments” to host the Games.



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This is a new one, even by Olympic standards. Usually governments don’t declare “public calamity” until after the games.

This was the attempt to Brazilian legacy, ameliorated by 'Agenda 2020' the IOC.
Now the 'financial deastre' comes before the games and not later.
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