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GamesBids 2024 Summer Games Bid Poll - The Final Round

GamesBids 2024 Summer Games Bid Poll  

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  1. 1. Wich City Would You Like to See Host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games?

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So it comes down to a final round.

In the previous round of bidding, LA and Rome supporters proved resilient, and prevented yet again Paris winning this thing.

We ended up with LA of 38.76 per cent, Paris on 47.83 per cent and Rome on 17.39 per cent. So it's Arrivederci Roma (sorry Tony). And, as per IOC protocols, a final attempt to sort this out once and for all.

I'll declare the winner next week.

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Okay, so when is this round going to be closed & Paris declared the overwhelming winner. It's been over a week now. Paris ran away with it in the first poll & has now overtaken the last opponent in this final round of the second poll by a 50% margin. That's huge & I very much believe this is pretty much how the IOC vote will reflect as well.

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I was lucky enough to attend a function last week and hear a current IOC speak about there sporting and professional life. After his talk i spoke to him about the 2024 bids.

I started off by asking him to vote for LA as i feel its a much easier sell to the wife for a family holiday. He thought that was quite funny. We then got into the bids a little more and he said it was a 2 horse race but i think we all knew that anyway. He also said both Paris and LA were great bids with neither of them needing to build may new venues. The only thing he thought would be the difference was that Paris had some underlying issues regarding security and issues they have had in the past.

I think he was also a little surprised that i knew so much about the bids and bidding process. 

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