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2026 FIFA World Cup Logo Comp!

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Got them up on my laptop - won't say anything as the impartial host ;). Must be my phone being silly.

This is the one-day warning - I will be discussing the voting with Rols tomorrow & will be hopefully starting it up on Tuesday morning. Due to the small field, I'm expecting that we'll be using traditional polling. Not long left :)

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Ok then, some housekeeping:

First, JO2024, you want those 3 logos above to be entered - I take it that means you want your earlier Spain entry to be superseded. Also, you made an Argentina logo earlier which I will put into the vote unless you actively say no.

The same goes for all of you, if you don't want one of your designs to go to the vote, say so or it will. I will list all the entries at the end of the post.

The other housekeeping is for woohoo, which of your China versions do you want to be final?

So the entry list so far - remember this isn't final, as there's still a little time for more entries - is:

JO2024: New Zealand, China, Spain (revised?), Argentina.

Glacib: New Zealand, Morocco.

Rols: USA, England, Spain.

Paul: USA.

Woohoo: Argentina, China (which?), Australia.

Pups: China.

Davey: England.

If I've missed any out, shout at me & if you don't want one of your entries to go to the vote, say so now. And remember, there's still time! :)

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Thank you Yoshi for your work. Well yes, I don't want my previous entries to be part of the competition since I don't like them anymore. So not my former Spanish logo (which doesn't show anymore), the Argentina logo, nor the China one I posted a couple of weeks ago. But I'd like my entries to be the three I posted yesterday: New Zealand, China and Spain. Thanks again! :)

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Ok everyone, the contest is now CLOSED for new entries. We had 15 entries from 7 members but JO2024 removed his Argentina logo & Rols elected to remove two of his first 3 entries to get us down to 12. This is a World Cup logo comp, so we're going to do something a bit different for voting - the Logo World Cup!


You see the 12 competing entries, arranged in 4 groups of 3. (Brief intermission - if you notice anything wrong with this, like two logos of the same member/country in the same group, say so. But you can't remove any logos from the vote now). Tomorrow morning we will begin the group stage. This will be 4 polls with 3 entries each, the top 2 at the voting deadline will progress. Then, the remaining 8 will battle it out, in World Cup knockout style, for the right to be champion.

Thank you for your entries, but now the serious business can begin :)

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