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Tokyo 2020 Mascots

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On 2/6/2018 at 11:12 AM, Athan said:

No. More than 60,000 classes had already voted two weeks ago and we only know about 20 approximately, less than 0.04%. Only counting these 20 schools, it's a close race between A and B, with C far behind.

Well thats interesting results, we made have age group opinion difference ;p still it's only 0.04% not really represtive group, things can go either direction

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It's hard to know who will win, to be honest. A seemed to be strong at first since many kids agreed it felt futuristic/japan-ish, plus having an implied female Paralympic mascot helped grab more votes from girls. However, many also seem to like B for the sole reason they're extremely popular creatures from folk tales in Japan. 

Only two weeks to know. 

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Mascot voting finished yesterday. According to Tokyo 2020, there have been more than 200,000 classroom votes from around 16,000 schools. The winners will be announced next Wednesday, February 28.


Voting in the selection of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic mascots ended today at elementary schools across Japan. More than 200,000 classes at around 16,000 schools – including Japanese schools overseas – took part in the innovative selection process.

The suspense will keep building until Wednesday 28 February, when the set which attracted the largest number of classroom votes will be announced as the winner.

In December 2017, Tokyo 2020 published a shortlist of mascot design sets, each containing an Olympic and a Paralympic mascot, following a review of more than 2,000 entries submitted by the public during a nationwide competition. Elementary school classes across the country and in Japanese schools overseas were then invited to evaluate the shortlisted designs, with each class asked to cast a single vote in favour of one of the sets.

Ryohei Miyata, Tokyo 2020 Mascot Selection Panel chairperson commented, “I greatly appreciate the participation of so many pupils at elementary schools across Japan and at Japanese schools overseas – their interest and excitement were really inspiring. The involvement of schoolchildren in the mascot selection process provided a great opportunity for younger generations to make their mark on the Tokyo 2020 Games. We hope the chosen mascots will engage athletes, spectators and the wider public across the world as ambassadors for the Tokyo 2020 Games, and that they will live in people's hearts and minds for a long time afterwards.”

The winning mascot design will be announced live on Wednesday 28 February on Facebook and on YouTube. You can watch the live here:

Tokyo 2020 official YouTube(Open in a new window)
Tokyo 2020 official Facebook(Open in a new window)

Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots


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I wonder if there is a way to get an approximate of who could had won. We did got the results from some schools but I feel it was a very small fraction. 

Option A seemed to be favored in many schools for being modern, fitting with the futuristic theme of Tokyo 2020 and also because of the implied (but not confirmed) female gender of the Paralympic mascot, a factor which helped it win on many schools because of the girls voting (and in a world where we're trying harder than ever to bring gender equality to sports, it could help deliver a message). At the same time many like C for the sole reason of both Kitsune and Tanuki being extremely known/popular in Japan as popular folk characters which have always had leading roles. Option B seemed weak at first but it looked like it was starting to pick strenght with many schools.

For what we've posted on the forum, the votes for the three options seem to be the following. At first sight, it seems Option A is winning by a large margin but, like I said before, this is just a very small fraction from the real outcome. 

-Option A: | | | | | | |

-Option B: | | |

-Option C: | | |

I still have a feel Option C might do a big upset and win. It's far from being my favorite option (maybe if it was better drawn I would root more for it) but at the same time it is the most japanese-ish. I mean, there is a reason why Yuru-Chara style of mascots are still very famous on the country, since everyone seems to like them. 

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I found an interesting analysis of Twitter trends.


As we already knew, C is the most popular candidate on social media. However, A leads within the youngest age group, and this is the only one who actually got a vote. So although C appears to be the overall favourite, I'd say A is the most likely to win and perhaps B can give a surprise since it was reported to be the early leader on the first day of voting.

Still, I'm rooting for C.

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While they say it will be on wednesday, the announcement will most likely be tomorrow at night, since its Wednesday morning in Japan and more or less the same hour on which they announced the candidates. It would be awesome if they used an anime-styled presentation of the winning option. 

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It is already Wednesday in Japan, 7:30 AM. The mascot will be revealed at noon, according to this article. Final presentation will be made at the Elementary School in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo. The announcement will also be done via livestream in Youtube and Facebook (and Nico Nico too I guess)


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I find this scheduled stream (in this article: https://thepage.jp/detail/20180227-00000010-wordleaf?pattern=2&utm_expid=90592221-90.2mIRjpFWR8CO6I2YipatcQ.2&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FIGAxAfE6N4) which supposedly be starting in 3 hours, 3:00AM CET for me, there nothing in Tokyo 2020 YouTube channel so far

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