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Tokyo 2020 Mascots

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I like Option A. They're dynamic/stylish, would be fun to represent on each of the pictagrams, fit perfectly with the brand of the games, and would appeal a lot worldwide

Option B is the safest one, which is not surprising why they ended last on the first poll. I know japanese kids love a lot those type of characters you see in Option C. I see them a lot in animes like Anpaman. So I also have a feel C will win. 

Not too surprised about seeing so many Cats, Komainus, Kitsunes and Tanukis. After all Youkai Watch is the most popular kid anime in Japan at the moment. 

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I just noticed some more details about Option A which support my idea they would appeal more to a worldwide audience.

  1. Olympic mascot has special powers such as moving extremely fast (Sonic?)
  2. He also has a strong sense of justice (a common theme seen in Shonen/Action anime as well for Tokusatsu)
  3. Paralympic mascot has telepathic powers
  4. Both have opposing personalities but always work together (also a common theme in anime/manga)

They also remind me a lot of Traffie (the mascot of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics celebrated at Osaka in 2007)

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Here Japanese hashtag about mascot selection


It's already top trending in Japan. It still flooded with news, but i see some people pointing out that paralympic C remind them mascot of this service:


C seem to grub there attention

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5 minutes ago, Shadowriver said:

Non-painted B eyes look like insects :P

I actually thought they look like doll eyes. :lol: 

We're still away from February 28 but I already feel Option C is gonna win. Almost all the feedback I see on Twitter is talking about the Kitsune/Tanuki duo. 

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My favourite at first sight is also A. I like how they mix traditional and contemporary/futuristic elements, and the Olympic mascot in particular suits the logo perfectly. I also like the fact that they wear the logos on their heads instead of their bellies as usual. They’re more or less what I was expecting from Tokyo.

C seems to be the clear favourite though. I have mixed feelings about them. I like where their inspiration comes from but I find them quite inexpressive. I’d like to see them in motion and in different poses to have a more accurate opinion. Also, I’d reduce the size of their logos a bit.

As for B, the only negative aspect I can think about is the insect eyes that look a little strange, yet I don’t know why they seem the least likely winner. Perhaps because of their being the safest option of the three as you were talking about that makes them stand out less.

All in all, very good mascot candidates in my opinion, so congratulations to the designers and the mascot selection panel. And there’s one thing we can be sure of: Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot will have a white body and pointed ears! :lol:

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54 minutes ago, Rob. said:

Is it me or is A is a Japanesey version of London's mascots, B a Japanesey version of Rio's mascots, and C a Japanesey version of Beijing's mascots?!


Hmmm. Don’t quite get that out of them. The only vibe I get like that is C seems to me to come from the Vancouver mold. Eye of the beholder i guess.

None really strike me much. If pressed, I suppose I’d go for C. I could live with A. B is too much Power-Puff Girl for my taste.

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Reading on Twitter, almost all polls voted for C on a large margin though i am not sure if its mob mentality/trolling (japanese netizens love doing that). I saw comments from some serious users mentioning they think C js very unoriginal and a been there-done that. They also mention the huge similarities between the Option C paralympic mascot and the Tanuki mascot of Lawson, fearing the same scenario from the infamous logo selection from 2015 could happen again.


The article makes a recopilarion of said tweets. 

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I just realized that B eyes have colors of olympic and paralympic flags

I found dome vote tweets with huge large number of voters (reminder ア = A  イ= B ウ = C)  

Question of poll: Which do you like? Note: on line 2 he said he likes C

Question of poll: Which do you think is good?

Quastion of poll: Which do you choose?

Quastion of poll: Which is good?

And here some english poll i found:

SPOILER ALERT: C steamrolls all of them :P

Also found this fan art of A lady:


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It would be funny if C would won and companies own similar mascot sue them and they would need to change mascot again like the logo ;p But 1. I don't think Japanese are as much as plagiat copyright sue frenzy as US or Europe 2. They use common characters from Japanese folklore as base

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Another article this time from Yahoo discussing the similarities of the Tanuki with Ponta (Lawson mascot)


however it remains to see if Lawson will say anything at all about it. If they dont i guess the option is still safe. I also read somewhere they said that in case the winner is found to be doing plagiarism, the second place would become winner instead.

Again, those polls depicting Option C steamrolling should be taken with a grain of salt. I have seen ocassions whre japanese netizens have trolled hard and pushed for certain "memetic" options to win.

I think this is the reason why the Organizing comittee decided to make only schoolchildrens to vote. And in a way im glad they did. Otherwise this would be boring as hell and C would win with an absurd large margin because of mob mentality.


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