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Tokyo 2020 Mascots

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So this is what just happened



Designers compete for 2020 Tokyo Games mascots

Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are narrowing down choices for the Games' official mascots.

Over 2,000 character designs have been submitted since the application process opened last month.

And 1,753 have met the basic requirements.

Younger employees from toy and comic companies have been brought in to get their reaction to the designs.

Judges are trying to assess their novelty and appeal to young people.

The selection process was partly open to the public on the internet.

About 100 finalists will be chosen on Thursday.

That will be narrowed down to 3 or 4 by mid-October, after 2 rounds of screening.

Children at schools across the country will make the final choice in voting from December through January.


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Tokyo 2020 mascot review panel shortlists three designs


okyo 2020 has put forward three mascot designs to the next stage of the selection process following a meeting of the review panel in the Japanese capital.

The panel has said the three projects, chosen from the 16 which had progressed to this stage, will be revealed in December.

Should any of the three designs breach copyright or trademarking laws, the next best project will take its place, organisers have confirmed.

Tokyo 2020 were forced to scrap their initial design of their Olympic and Paralympic logo after plagiarism allegations from the designer of the Théâtre de Liège emblem in Belgium. 

Voting for the Tokyo 2020 mascot, which will be chosen by schoolchildren, is due to begin on December 11 and conclude on January 19.

Tokyo 2020 have pledged to publish the results from each of the elementary schools across Japan which participate in the vote.

The Tokyo 2020 review panel has whittled 16 mascot designs down to three, which will be revealed in December ©Tokyo 2020 The Tokyo 2020 review panel has whittled 16 mascot designs down to three, which will be revealed in December ©Tokyo 2020


The pupils will vote from the shortlist and the design with the largest number of votes is scheduled to be announced as the winner in February. 

Although the general public have been able to enter the design contest, the names will be picked by creative professionals.

In August, Tokyo 2020 revealed they had received 2,042 designs in the mascot design competition.

There were 1,774 designs from individuals and 268 group entries, submitted before the August deadline.

Mascots are a popular element of modern Japanese culture and become a recognisable part of any Olympic Games of major sporting event.

There was no Olympic mascot at Tokyo 1964, however, as the concept had not yet been created. 





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We will know the three candidates for Mascot this December 7th. 



Olympic organizers send details on mascot contest to elementary schools nationwide


The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee distributed information to the nation’s elementary schools on Monday ahead of the vote for the official mascot.

Postcards were sent to over 21,000 schools with details about the voting process so children can participate in the process beginning next month.

The committee’s mascot screening panel will announce three candidates on Dec. 7. Each elementary school classroom will get one vote, with the balloting to take place from Dec. 11 to Feb. 22.

Takeshi Natsuno, a member of the panel and a guest professor at Keio University, said that having a say in deciding the mascot will give kids a great opportunity to learn about the Olympics and Paralympics.

“I think there’s no reason not to participate in such an amazing experience; it’s the best way to learn (about the games),” Natsuno said. “I want about 10 percent of the schools to cast votes.”

The winning mascot will be announced around February or March.



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◆ Proposal

"Olympic edition" ... Character that combines traditional and near future with treated blue checkered pattern that is also used in convention competition emblem. Cherish the tradition, always catch the latest information. You can move instantaneously.

"Paralympics version" ... It is a pink checkered pattern, has cherry tactile sense, and has super powers. You can love nature, talk to stones and winds, and move things just by looking.

"Common point" ... Personality is the opposite of friendship of friends who mutually agree with each other.

◆ Proposal

"Olympic edition" ... luckily catching cats and shrines fox models. I was born from the fire and the earth that warms Japan. Tell the festival's liveliness and rejuvenate people with the tail of the fire. I also like to take a nap on the edge.

"Paralympics version" ... the guardian of the shrine, a model of a kuma dog. The cloud imagined the wind and the sky calling the four seasons to Japan, such as the motif mane. It is also possible to make flowers bloom on dead trees.

"Common points" ... compete on the ground and the sky in Japan.

◆ Proposal

"Olympic edition" ... I imagined a fox that jumped out of the world of Japanese old tales, and decorated Japanese ancient gods (eyebrows) as eyebrows and 〓 (the river in the old style is the old style of the gorge). Support friendly with a spirit of the wind, with a friendly leader type.

"Paralympics version" ... Japanese An ancient raccoon dog is a model, you can freely transform with leaves on your head. It is a mood maker, although it is getting relieved, it will make everyone excitement with the spirit of the forest.

"Common point" ... It carries gold watering to the congratulatory red and white color.


The name of the decision mascot will be announced next July - August. It is not a general public offering, but outsource to an expert and presents multiple proposals to the mascot judging board. The author of the decision proposal also enters and narrows down to several proposals. After that, we will investigate domestic and foreign trademarks and decide.

They will get names on July-August. The winner will be announced on February 28 (shortly after Pyeongchang 2018 ends). 


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Well the fate is on Japanese elementary school students, if you ask me this is cool way to choose and promote Olympics in same time, kids can feel involved ^^ more a look at them the more i think im happy with either of them, they really good designs, Japan never disappoints in that.

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Website is updated now, with info in english about each of the candidates.






[ Olympic Mascot ]
The Olympic Mascot is a character that embodies both old tradition and new innovation.The Mascot has an old-fashioned charm that reflects tradition and also has a high-tech, cutting edge vibe. It has strong sense of justice, and is very athletic. The Mascot has a special power allowing it to move any where instantaneously.

[ Paralympic Mascot ]
The Paralympic Mascot is a cool character with cherry tactile sense and supernatural power. The Mascot is usually calm, however, it gets very powerful when needed. It has a dignified inner strength and a kind heart that loves nature. It can talk with stones and the wind. It can also move things by just looking at them.

[ Relationship between Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot ]
The Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot have opposite personalities. However, they respect each other and they are very good friends. They both have a great spirit of hospitality. They always try their best to cheer and encourage everyone.






[ Olympic Mascot ]
The Olympic Mascot is a character born from the fire that warms Japan. The models for the Mascot are the Lucky cat and the Inari fox, which are regarded as symbols of luck in Japan. The Mascot can run so fast that it can create valleys and rivers when it traverses the land. The Mascot is usually running around, however, it also loves to take naps underneath the sunlight. It expresses the excitement of traditional Japanese festivals, and gives happy enenrgyto people by touching them with its tail.

[ Paralympic Mascot ]
The Paralympic Mascot is a character born from the wind that brings different seasons to Japan. The Mascot’s model is a guardian dog that is a popular fixture at shrines. To express emotions, the Mascot’s mane can send out different objects such as cherry blossom petals, snow, autumn leaves, lightning bolts and thunder along with seasonal winds. It can send the spring wind, and can also make flowers bloom on a dead tree. With its light body, the Mascot loves flying in the sky and expressing each season’s charm.

[ Relationship between Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot ]
The Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot were born in different places and look very different, however they are best friends and good rivals. They compete on the Japanese soil and in the sky, and they both take each other to a higher level.






[ Olympic Mascot ]
The Olympic Mascot is the fox that jumps out from Japanese fairy tales. The Olympic Mascot has Magatama patterns decorated on it.
The Mascot is very athletic and moves very fast. It is also very friendly and a great leader. It cheers and excites athletes and spectators along with the spirit of the wind.

[ Paralympic Mascot ]
The Paralympic Mascot is a racoon from Japanese fairy tales that uses the leaf on its head and transforms its shape. The Mascot is usually relaxed, but also very athletic, and cheers up people around it.
It cheers and excites the athletes and spectators along with the spirit of the forest.

[ Relationship between Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot ]
The Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot both have Japan’s popular red and white colours, and Mizuhikiribbons as part of their look. They are good friends and they understand each other very well, and often encourage each other.



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