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Question about the new European Sports championschip

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I have discovered some news for me, and I can´t see it has been debated inhere anywhere.

But the new "European sports championschip" which will be held for the first time in 2018 in Glasgow and Berlin. Read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Sports_Championships

I love the idea about it, and have read som more about it on "insidethegames.com". In my opinion it of course would have been better that those big sports, swimming, athletics, rowing etc. would have joint the European games. Now it seems like we have 2 competitors.

As far as I understand, these sports championships will allow multiple cities to join together, to reduce spending on new venues etc.

I know it is a new concept, but does anyone know if there are plans to expand the event with other sports for 2022? It could be beachvolley, tabletennis, badminton for example? Or is it expected not to expand more because it wont want to be to big?

I don´t think it should get every Olympics sports on, and i also don´t think any of the big ball sport (handball, volleyball, basket etc) should be a part of it. But those 3 mentioned first is good examples in my opinion, perhaps also shooting and archery.

I thought Copenhagen could bid with Gothenburg for 2022. They have the athletics stadium, and we have the Velodrome and have succes with short track swimming championships and others. But I can see that Sweden is considering to bid with Gothenburg and Malmo... I would love for Copenhagen to join that bid! And then especially if we got 2-4 more sports added..

Well just some thoughts from me, and hope someone knows something for the future I have not founded on google yet.


Hans from Denmark

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