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gun violence in the USA

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Branched out from the LA 2024 thread:


The problem with trying to get rid of gun violence through legal change is that even when the guns are illegal people who want to commit murder will buy them on the black market.

Switzerland for a very long time had the highest rates of gun ownership in the world (due to universal conscription) and one of the lowest murder rates in the world. The problem is really American society rather than the availability of guns. School shootings have gone up while gun ownership and total murder rate have fallen.

I wish there was an easy solution to this, but there likely isn't. Guns and swords are illegal in Japan, and the country has a very small murder rate. Yet they have also seen the same trend as the USA, with an increase in rage or other psychologically driven homicides.

I think a complete ban on civilian handgun ownership is a good idea (a huge majority of firearms deaths in the USA are from handguns and pistols are inferior to rifles and shotguns for civilian use anyway), but that would only decrease the number of accidental deaths and deaths during armed robberies, road rage and so on. It won't stop domestic violence, gang or drug trafficking murders or murder-suicides.

In the interest of full disclosure I own one rifle I inherited and was taught to hunt by my native-American grandfather when I was a child, volunteered to kill invasive rodents in university, and often work in places where there are cougars and wolves. (Technically there are brown bears too, but there's a near zero chance I would ever see one even if I went looking for them.) If I were a vegan, lived in Manhattan, Tokyo or London and/or had never touched a gun I might agree to ban rifles and shotguns too.

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