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What an embarassment. Then again its not like Almeria mascot was better either.


Also pretty much non one even knows nor do they care about the Med Games being hosted there.

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Sorry for the necroposting and I really didn't knew where to post this, but a couple of weeks ago the Mediterranean Games had to be postponed for 2018 due to the delays and the economic crisis Spain is facing, it seems. The Tarragona government couldn't get the money needed to finish the works in time.




ALGIERS, November 10, 2016 - The International Committee for the Mediterranean Games unanimously agreed to postpone for one year (June 2018) the Tarragona Games, originally scheduled to be held from 30 June to 9 July 2017.

The decision was taken following the request made by the Spanish Olympic Committee and by the Organizing Committee Tarragona 2017 (OCMGT) to the members of the ICMG Executive Committee, at a meeting held in Oran on 4 November.

The Executive Committee took note of all the explanations given by the President of the OCMG Tarragona 2017 and Mayor of Tarragona, Mr Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, the 1st Vice-president and President of the Spanish NOC, Mr Alejandro Blanco, and the General Coordinator, Javier Villamayor, who were present at the meeting, and fully understood the financial implications resulting from the inability to form a majority government in Spain for over ten months, which has profoundly affected many sectors of Spanish society.

"The OCMGT is faced with an extremely complicated and difficult situation, and the Mediterranean Games 2017 Tarragona would be inevitably affected as well - explained Algerian ICMG president Amar Addadi in a letter to all stakeholders - Under these circumstances it is obvious that the Games may no longer meet the high standards imposed by the ICMG Charter or the Spanish tradition of excellence in organizing major sports events."

The ICMG - that has been following progress with preparations very closely, and which continue despite the setbacks, reflecting the strong commitment and determination of the OCMGT to organize an edition of the Mediterranean Games of the highest possible level - congratulated the OCMGT for their perseverance.

Fully aware of the current situation and in accordance with the principles of solidarity and good friendship enacted by the ICMG Charter, taking into consideration the fact that there is now a new government in Spain able to respect the previous commitments, the ICMG Executive Committee has thus accepted the solution to postpone the celebration of the XVIII edition of the Mediterranean Games for one year, from 22 June to 1 July 2018.

Tarragona will however organise the meetings scheduled by the ICMG that are deemed necessary for its proper functioning, and in particular the ICMG General Assembly and the Chefs de Mission Seminar, which are going to be held in Tarragona from 9 to 13 October 2017.

The Mediterranean Games are organised every four years, for some 3000 athletes belonging to the 24 countries located on the shores the Mediterranean.

Truly embarassing. People make jokes about all the problems Rio had to face to host the Olympics but if Spain is not even able to hold a small event like the Med Games, imagine what would had happened this year if Madrid was chosen instead. They shouldn't even trying hosting events until they get their stuff together. 

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5 hours ago, TeamBlakeUSA said:


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