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Roland Garros (May - June)

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End of May, begining of June, it's Roland Garros time!

Here is a presentation of of of the planed renovation...


...but the question is: when will it be achieved?


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He (Paris 2024 bid leader Bernard Lapasset) added, “it’s important to us that we can propose to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) members a bid faithful to our environmental values. The zone is protected and it`s complicated to do something without the agreement of the people around”.

I understand from this sentence that, for Paris 2024, environmental values are more important than the french open development plans.

This position may be very important in the decision that will be taken in september about the legal action launched by local residents and environmental activists.

Environmental groups claim the construction of a new 5,000-seat court at the Serres d’Auteuil botanical garden will harm the vegetation, and have been trying to stop it since its inception. The botanical garden’s 19th-century greenhouses, a few hundred metres from Court Philippe Chatrier, host a large variety of tropical and local flowers.

Here is the plan of the Roland Garros extension:


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My feeling after this 2016 edition is that they should split the Roland Garros renovation in 2 parts:

- a roof over the central court as quikly as possible....

- and discuss for the venue extension in a second part because all of the legal actions may take time....


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They've been playing this tournament for 125 years! Sure a roof would be nice... but I think people are overreacting a bit about how critical it is.

PS - Murray vs Djokovic. Zzzzzz. Something has got to happen to shake things up on the men's side

Murray winning in the final would do it.

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