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If You are a person who loves sports, making friends and have fun, maybe you should reconsider and give up to go to Rio Olympics.

I am Brazilian and i have been following all the "preparation" for the games: Almost NONE.

Rio is one of the most violent city in the world and the authorities did nothing to decrease that index (there is more gun killings in Rio than in Bagdad). The police is corrupted and most probably will blackmail You by threads for money with guns in Your face.

The beaches receives the sewer waters with no treatment, causing colera, entheritis and poisoning. The hospitals have no condition to attend a big public or even in a acceptable way.

I really think it's best to the good people stay at home this time, just to have a life and health to go to another Olympic Games in the future.

Please believe me, There are real chances to a person who comes to Rio 2016, to go back sick, wounded, robbed or even dead.

Take care.

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I think it's very easy to say "I live in the most violent country in the world" and "My town looks the Gaza Strip," the difficult is to prove this in numbers.

The Rio de Janeiro is a violent city in fact, but is far from being the most violent in the world. Today Rio has one of the lowest violence rates in history, by the way Rio has a much lower homicide rate than many US cities, for example.

The number of homicides in Rio falls, according to the ISP survey


According to the survey of ISP homicide rate in Rio in 2015 was the lowest in history, reaching 18.6 murders for every 100,000 inhabitants. This number is lower than American cities like Detroit and Atlanta (The 1996 Olympic City). Lets compare:

Detroit - 43.5

Baltimore - 33.8

Atlanta - 20.6

Rio de Janeiro - 18.6

Okland - 15.6

Chicago - 15.1

Source of american cities: FBI.
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I was in Rio for The World Cup and I had blast. It was very safe and didn't see any type of problems there. I never felt threatened at any point of the trip. The police was out in full force as well and I am pretty sure it will be at least 10x safer for The Summer Games. You just have to use good judgment at night time(take a cab) especially if you are leaving the bar at 2:30am.

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This new poster might be this guy...see bellow...sounds the same.

Olympics 2016: Brazil World Cup winner Rivaldo warns tourists to avoid Rio

Brazilian World Cup winner Rivaldo is telling tourists to stay away from the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro because of the danger of endemic violence.

“Things are getting uglier here every day,” Rivaldo wrote. “I advise everyone with plans to visit Brazil for the Olympics in Rio — to stay home. You’ll be putting your life at risk here. This is without even speaking about the state of public hospitals and all the Brazilian political mess. Only God can change the situation Brazil.”

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I got robbed. Bought a SD card for     $R5 from a street peddler and it turned out to be crap. The fact that he was also selling bootleg DVDs should have been a clue he was not to be trusted.

As for Zika, I spent two weeks in Brazil, both the jungle and Rio, and saw on mosquito. And from what I understand, it wasn't even the kind that carries Zika.

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