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Bid Of The Week 03 - Tehran 1984

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Tehran’s bid for the 1984 Olympic Games
The International Olympic Committee has received the candidature of
the city of Tehran, the capital of Iran. You will remember that Tehran
organised the 7th Asian Games last year.
Let us note that the election of the organising cities of the 1984
Olympic Games and Winter Games will not take place until the Inter-
national Olympic Committee’s 1978 Session, in a city yet to be
appointed. The deadline for submitting bids is in general fixed at six
months before the election date.
On 29th August the Iranian National Olympic Committee informed the
IOC by telex of the arrival of a letter of candidature from the city of
Tehran, signed on 12th August 1975 by the mayor of the city, H.E.
Gholam Reza Nikpay, and also of a letter from the NOC signed on
14th August 1975 by H.I.H. Prince Gholam Reza Pahlavi, IOC member
and President of the NOC, approving and supporting this action.

Source file - http://library.la84.org/OlympicInformationCenter/OlympicReview/1975/ore95/ore95zb.pdf

And that is pretty much all we have 'officially' on the Tehran bid.

As we know - Tehran withdrew their candidacy when the Iranian revolution was in it's early stages. The demonstrations against the Shah and his regime escalated to the point where Iran simply could not function and by the time relative order was restored under Khomeini the Games were well and truly Los Angeles'.

Had Tehran not withdrawn obviously they still would have lost due to the massive civil unrest - however the IOC did have a tendency back in the late 60's through 70's to go with edgier host options.

What we can assume with this bid is that the massive Azadi complex would have been the main sporting hub -


In fact nearly all the sports would have been staged in the numerous smaller arenas and stadia that are included in this massive ready made Olympic park. Based on recent picture the area needs some work but with an upgrade in capacity could feasibly be used today for a Games. Well... maybe under a different regime...

So yeah. We ended up with the IOC saving USA! USA! USA! of LA84 - and I am sure a Tehran Games under Khomeini or the Shah would have highly boycotted - nonetheless Tehran 84 is a fascinating mystery almost bid - possibly only bettered by the totally bugfuck insane Tashkent 2000 bid that even the IOC library has no literature about.

This bid also lead to some rather interesting (and involved) fan fiction posted right here on GB -


Maybe one day a copy of a brochure or bid document will turn up in Tehran that wasn't destroyed in the revolution. Until then.... sigh... ponder ponder ponder...

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If the Iranian Revolution didn't happen, I'd expect a Tehran games under the Shah to have involved massive upgrades to an already existing Olympic complex etc. Modern all seater venues, using new video screen technology developed by the Japanese... perhaps contracting that same Japanese company who did the Sarajevo torches. Everything would be high-tech.

I don't think a Shah games would have been boycotted (at least by most nations or a Soviet led revenge boycott), the Soviet Union would have boycotted Lake Placid instead and we'd not have the Miracle on Ice game between the Soviets and team USA. A Khomeini games would have certainly been the case to the point where they'd give it to LA anyways.

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