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Bid Of The Week 01 - Andorra La Vella, 2010

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I have decided to stimulate conversation and ponder the 'what ifs' by dedicating a week to the wacky, weird and just plain overlooked past Olympic bids.

To begin I give you Andorra la Vella who entered the 2010 Olympic Bid race (their last thus far).


As stated in the applicant file -

What is your principal motivation for hosting the Olympic Winter Games?

Andorra is one of the oldest states in Europe. We have been an independent geographical,
political and human entity for over ten centuries. The whole country is part
of the Pyrenees.
In recent years the country has registered spectacular economic and social growth.
The population has multiplied by eight in fifty years (from 8,000 to the present
67,000). The 1993 Constitution defines us as a state of law, democratic and social.
The moment has now come to make an important qualitative leap. The possibility of
hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games will contribute to the development of our
land, creating new infrastructures, strengthening our snow and ice sports and making
the name of Andorra known around the world.
The Olympic Games are a splendid opportunity to cooperate in a common project,
useful in promoting this development and making it cohesive, ensuring that it is
compatible with the requirements of sustainable growth and environmental respect.
This will enable the capital of the State and all the territory to be configured as an
integrated whole, able to welcome the more than 12 million visitors who come to us
each year, some of whom take up 2.5 million days of skiing.
The Pyrenees shall have the possibility to organise the Olympic Winter Games. This
is the most important mountain range in Europe that has not yet had this opportunity.
A small State such as Andorra, with the help and support of the General Council of the
French Department of Pyrénées Orientales, can take on this responsibility within
parameters of rational and economic scale perfectly suited to the requirements of the

Source file - https://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/2010andorra

The bid planned on using venues in France as well as utilising Spanish airports as entry points.

The concept - while somewhat compact when looking at the majority of the venues - stumbled furthermore into fantasy by suggesting the La Plagne (Albertville 1992) bob/luge track was their only venue option (at a wee 786km away).

The IOC was sooooooooooooo not down with this at all -

The sports concept is a spread out one, utilising three venues in France - an existing bobsleigh/luge track at La Plagne, a second venue in Font-Romeu and a third at La Llagonne.

There is a very low budget for new facilities and venue seating capacities are also low.

Venues to be built in France may prove difficult to achieve, as no information has been provided in the Application from the French government/region.


Furthermore just general access to Andorra la Vella was limited - the IOC again noting -

With 25,000 inhabitants, the city of Andorra la Vella is accessible by a two-lane road with limited capacity. This road leads eastwards to France over Pas de la Casa and connects with two national roads, one to Perpignan and one to Toulouse. No rail access is available or proposed. Another road leads to Barcelona to the south. Accessibility is difficult from the surrounding regions and within the Games rather large perimeter.

Improvements are planned for two local two-lane roads with tunnels, as well as a short, low capacity aerial metro across the city of Andorra la Vella. The planned general infrastructure in relation to the 2010 Games appears to be insufficient.

Accomodation was also a major issue.

The number of existing and planned 3*-5* hotel rooms is below benchmark requirements. It should be noted that Andorra plans to use accommodation both in France and Spain, which could give rise to difficulties in contractual matters. Andorra would not have sufficient rooms in other categories to meet benchmark requirements, despite an ambitious construction project.

Finally their logo was practically nothing -


So I guess in conclusion this is one of the worst 2010 bids - a race that had a few real stinkers.

Thoughts? Ideas on how those plucky Andorrans can do better if they chose to bid again? Zaragoza/Jaca/Andorra la Vella?

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Will Andorra ever try another bid again? This time they can do their elaborate 3 volume bid book like bids before Beijing 2008.

I'd have Font-Romeu serve as an alpine skiing venue (or for freestyle skiing and snowboard). It supposedly has an existing curling/ice rink venue. I'd propose a new venue to replace/supplement this. La Llagonne, has an existing Cross Country Skiing venue which would also serve Biathlon. Does France need another Ski Jump venue at Font-Romeu this time? I think not, the venue from Albertville 1992 is more than enough, so give such a venue to Spain.

In addition, propose that Spain gets the Speed Skating Oval (if you want it as a legacy, otherwise the main stadium in Andorra could serve this) as well as a sliding venue. Only offer La Plange as a backup plan. Segre Olympic Park at Seu d'urgell, already being served as the Slalom venue for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, would be perfect for this (or nearby).

Seu d'urgell airport will be upgraded to a proper airport that can serve mid sized aircraft, rather than just smaller jets.

All other indoor ice venues and alpine venues will be in Andorra.

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