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Victoria Wood

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This probably won't mean anything much outside the UK, but Victoria Wood, originator of the classic line "Smear an avocado on me lower portions" and of the classic soap-opera Acorn Antiques, has just died at the very untimely age of 62. There is a huge weight of gloom over Britain just now.


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And another one bites the dust - the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince, only 57.


I don't know what's going on this year but even if the basic number of famous people dying is nothing special, it seems like this year's taking a lot in their 50s-60s :(

I was about to mention that Bond and Battle of Britain director Guy Hamilton also died today, at the much more respectable age of 93- but Prince? Come on, this is just mad.

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It's just been one loss after another this year, hammer blow after hammer blow and we're still only in April! :(

Victoria Wood was the Queen of Comedy on British TV. Who can ever forget her two fantastic comedy series: Acorn Antiques and Dinnerladies? She's going to be sorely missed!!

R .I. P Victoria!!!


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