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2016 Political Crisis in Brazil

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President Dilma has not been deposed from office . She was away so there is no interference in investigations . If she proves her innocence she returns to the office. We can not trivialize the word "coup". We had a coup in 1930 with Getulio, we had a coup in 1964 with the military. Stop saying that impeachment is a coup!

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I'm sorry, FAAN. All intelligent people in Brazil are against the illegitimate government.

Implying someone who still believes in the socialism meme at this point is inteligent.


Also, Noam Chomsky, shilling for the leftards as always. More news at 12:00

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Implying someone who still believes in the socialism meme at this point is inteligent.


Also, Noam Chomsky, shilling for the leftards as always. More news at 12:00

This is not abou "socialism". This is about Democracy.

I believe the best way to prove your point peacefully is to use factual information.

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I love the arguments of my anti- democratic friends here:

Noam Chomsky talks about the coup in Brazil. Noam Chomsky is an idiot.

Brazilian great artists talks about the Coup in Brazil. They are stupid.
Great newspapers around the World denouncing the Coup in Brazil. They are stupid.

Who is the real idiot?


After the most notorious Brazilian artists and newspapers around the world,

Noam Chomsky talks about the Coup in Brazil:

Noam Chomsky: Dilma Rousseff 'Impeached by Gang of Thieves'

The prominent U.S. linguist, political analyst and writer slammed the elite in Brazil, saying they carried out a soft coup against the democratically elected president.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is the only leading politician in the country that has not engaged in theft to enrich herself but has been “impeached by a gang of thieves” through a “soft coup” led by the opposition parties in the country, renowned linguist and political commentator Noam Chomsky said in an interview with Democracy Now! on Tuesday.
“She’s being charged with manipulations in the budget, which are pretty standard in many countries, taking from one pocket and putting it into another,” Chomsky told Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman.
“Maybe it’s a misdeed of some kind, but certainly doesn’t justify impeachment. In fact, she’s — we have the one leading politician who hasn’t stolen to enrich herself, who’s being impeached by a gang of thieves, who have done so. That does count as a kind of soft coup.”
The leading professor said the opposition has been preparing for action against the democratically elected president in the years since they lost the elections.
“The elite detested the Workers’ Party and is using this opportunity to get rid of the party that won the elections,” he said.
Chomsky also touched on the history of U.S. interventions in the region and decades of policies that sought regime changes and ousting of democratically elected governments in Venezuela, Honduras and Haiti.
“One (coup) in Venezuela in 2002 succeeded for a couple of days, backed by the U.S., overthrown by popular reaction. A second in Haiti, 2004, succeeded. The U.S. and France — Canada helped — kidnapped the president, sent him off to Central Africa, won’t permit his party to run in elections. That was a successful coup. Honduras, under Obama, there was a military coup, overthrew a reformist president,” Chomsky said.
However, he argued that Washington does not have the same sway over the region anymore and its influence has been waning for more than a decade.
“Latin America has, to a significant extent, liberated itself from foreign — meaning mostly U.S. — domination in the past 10 or 15 years. That’s a dramatic development in world affairs. It’s the first time in 500 years. It’s a big change.”
Last week, a Senate vote suspended Rousseff for 180 days to make her face an impeachment trial over accusations of budget manipulations.
Vice President Michel Temer, embroiled in corruption scandals and facing possible impeachment, took over from Rousseff as acting president. If Rousseff is cleared of charges, she will remain the president, but in case she is found guilty, Temer will become the president until a new head of state is chosen in upcoming elections.


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The "stupid" journalists of Al Jazeera also know.

13 MAY 2016
Brazil's Dilma Rousseff: Impeachment is a coup
Vice president takes over as a defiant Dilma Rousseff, suspended for 180 days, vows to fight on
Oh my God. They are stupid :ph34r:
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Former Brazil presidential chief of staff sentenced to 23 years for corruption

- José Dirceu worked for former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
- Dirceu guilty of role in vast bribery scandal at Petrobras oil company
José Dirceu, former chief of staff to the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is escorted to federal police headquarters in Curitiba in August. Photograph: Hedeson Alves/EPA
A one-time chief of staff for the former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sentenced to 23 years in prison on Wednesday for corruption, money-laundering and conspiracy in a vast bribery scandal at the state-run oil company.
José Dirceu, a top powerbroker in the leftist Workers’ party that governed Brazil from 2003 until last week, had previously been sentenced separately by the supreme court to over 10 years in prison for running a congressional vote-buying operation.
“Not even a conviction by the country’s highest court could inhibit criminal relapse,” federal judge Sérgio Moro wrote in his sentencing decision, noting that Dirceu had been taking part in the bribery scheme even after he was convicted for vote-buying.
Moro is overseeing the investigation of state-run Petróleo Brasileiro SA, commonly known as Petrobras.
The corruption investigation, Brazil’s biggest ever, has led to the imprisonment of business executives and veteran politicians, contributed to its worst recession in decades and stirred public outrage that fanned an impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff.



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New secretary of Human Rights supports decriminalization of abortion

Flavia Piovesan said she has assurances that she will fight against homophobia


The secretary of Human Rights, Flavia Piovesan - Marcos Alves / Agência O Globo / 1-8-2014

Complete article: http://oglobo.globo.com/brasil/nova-secretaria-de-direitos-humanos-defende-descriminalizacao-do-aborto-19333586?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=O%20Globo

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Lula acted to get Nestor Cerveró's silence, says accusation in the PGR

Complete article: http://g1.globo.com/politica/operacao-lava-jato/noticia/2016/05/lula-atuou-para-obter-silencio-de-nestor-cervero-diz-denuncia-da-pgr.html

José Serra says that foreign policy will be detached from partidary policy

New Foreign Affairs Minister took office on Wednesday (18).
Serra said that the ministry will have a central position in the government.
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Another "idiot" against actions of the illegitimate government of "president"* Michel Temer:

Fernanda Montenegro (considered the greatest actress in Brazil)

talks about the end of the Ministry of Culture: "This is a tragedy."



List of "idiots" with public demonstrations

against the illegitimate government:

- Noam Chomsky

- Glenn Greenwald (winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize)

- Mauricio Lima (winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize)
- Chico Buarque (considered the greatest composer of Brazil)

- Sonia Braga (one of the best actresses of the country)
- Fernanda Montenegro (one of the
nominations for the Oscars with "Central Station")


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USA in the OAS: there's no coup of any kind in Brazil

The US mission to the Organization of American States (OAS) said on Wednesday that in Brazil there is not a "soft" coup because there is "a clear respect for democratic institutions," something "that does not seem to be the case in Venezuela".

"We don't think it's a soft coup or anything like that. "What happened in Brazil was made following the constitutional legal process and respecting full democracy", said today to Efe Agency, the US acting representative to the OAS, Michael Fitzpatrick, at the end of the Permanent Council.



Your time is coming, Lula :rolleyes:

Moro said that Dirceu was not the 'commander of the criminal group'

In condemning former Chief of Staff to 23 years and three months in prison for corruption, money laundering and criminal organization, the Lava Jato judge leaves a blank space to the leader of the bribery scheme installed in Petrobras between 2004 and 2014


Cannes artists lol

Ancine allowed Aquarius to get R$ 2.9 million from public money just before Rousseff's impeachment



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Supreme Court: Dilma is notified to explain why she calls the Impeachment a 'coup'

Minister Rosa Weber, of the Supreme Court (STF), ruled on Wednesday (18) that removed President Dilma Rousseff is notified aboutjudicial intervention proposed by deputies who question the fact that the president classify the impeachment process "coup". In the order, the Minister granted within ten days for Dilma to manifest about.


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By the "Idiots" from Al Jazeera: "This is not really a coup against Dilma Rousseff but against democracy itself".

A neoliberal carnival in Brazil
This is not really a coup against Dilma Rousseff but against democracy itself.
The joke on the street is that Lebanon has no president but Brazil now has a Lebanese one.
Indeed, Lebanon's ruling elite recently surpassed its two-year anniversary of failure to select a head of state.
But as Brazil's new interim president - Lebanese descendant Michel Temer - takes over in that country, one suspects Brazilians might have been better off president-free.
Last week, legitimate Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff of the leftist Workers' Party was suspended from office to face an impeachment trial. She was replaced by Vice President Temer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, who will probably serve out the rest of the term.
What was the great crime that occasioned Rousseff's ignoble suspension? As Washington DC-based economist Mark Weisbrot put it, "she is accused of an accounting manipulation that somewhat misrepresented the fiscal position of the government - something that prior presidents have done".
A path of unrepentant neoliberalism
In short, Rousseff's attempts to temporarily airbrush a budget deficit provided a handy pretext for those wishing to wrench the country from the hands of the left and condemn it to a path of unrepentant neoliberalism.
Overrated democracy
As CNN notes, an economic recovery plan released by Temer's party last year was hailed by The Financial Times as "the ultimate investors’ wish list". Now, economic "recovery" will undoubtedly take the form of austerity measures, slashing labour and pension benefits and other manoeuvres guaranteed to thwart public wellbeing.
It's not clear, however, what opportunities remain for putting on the brakes. After all, this is not really a coup against Rousseff but against democracy itself.


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El País

For the US and Germany, impeachment follows legal procedures in Brazil

At the OAS, US representative says that process respected institutions
Even Rousseff will have to explain to the Supreme why she calls "coup"
The clash between supporters of Dilma Rousseff and impeachment advocates about whether the process of removal or not "coup" was moved to diplomatic spheres abroad. A week after Dilma be was removed by the Senate, the OAS (Organization of American States) was the stage for the US, Argentina and Paraguay to confront the visions of Bolivia and Venezuela. For the first time, an American diplomat was less formal and cautious about the Brazilian crisis. The US acting ambassador, Michael Fitzpatrick, said that "what is happening in Brazil was made following the legal procedure and respecting democracy."

US and Germany discard the affirmation that there is a coup in Brazil

American diplomat and the German government spokesmen claim that impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff goes according to the Constitution,highlighting the strength of Brazilian democracy.



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Probably the main Workers' Party state governor:

PGR denounces Fernando Pimentel, governor of Minas Gerais, to the Superior Court of Justice

Complaint was based on facts of the time when the governor was minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, of Dilma's government.

The General's Attorney Office denounced the governor of Minas Gerais, Fernando Pimentel, from the PT, to the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) for passive corruption and money laundering.


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More of Dilma's Inheritance:

Government announces that deficit will be of R$ 170 billion

Releasing the new fiscal target, ministers Romero Juca and Henrique Meirelles made indirect criticism to the discontrol of Dilma's government

Ministers Henrique Meirelles, from the Finances, and Romero Juca, from the Planning, said on this Friday, the fiscal deficit this year should be around R $ 170.5 billion. In practical terms, it means that this value is the difference between what the country will spend and what it must must earn. If confirmed it will be the largest hole of the series of public accounts, an extremely severe result.



Measures announced by Meirelles are positive, says IMF

The International Monetary Fund praised the first measures announced by the Finance Minister, Henrique Meirelles, and reiterated the need to quickly implement macroeconomic reforms.


There are rumours that Temer decided to give again the status of ministry to the Ministry of Culture, I hope he at least keeps reducing expenditures and stop giving money to bloggers and rich artists. The current deficit in the sector is of R$ 250 million.

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