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2016 Political Crisis in Brazil

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This is shameful :wacko:

Dilma Rousseff travels to NY to say herself is 'coup victim' at the UN

Using an strategy that will put shame on Brazil in front of world leaders, the president will use speech about the climate deal to utter Workers Party usual speech

President Dilma Rousseff took off on Thursday bound for New York, where she will attend a meeting of the United Nations (UN). The president (and PT member) will use the minutes of her speech on friday, due to the occasion of the Paris Climate Change Deal, to internationally put shame on Brazil, telling world leaders that the Constitutional Process of Impeachment accepted against her on sunday by the Chamber of Deputies represents a "coup". Dilma is repeating the speech that her party gives to foreign journalists - always omitting the fact that the process is happening under the command of the Supreme Court.

With the admissibility of impeachment taken as granted in the Senate, Dilma was asked to speak in New York because, according to interlocutors of the government, there's 'no other alternative'. The government seeks, therefore, to create international pressure against her impeachment. So far, however, the only support that Dilma received was from figures like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Cuban dictator Raul Castro.


The strategy was criticized on Wednesday by the Dean of the Supreme Court, Minister Celso de Mello. "Although the president see from a personal perspective the existence of a coup, in fact there is a very serious mistake, because the National Congress and the Supreme Court have already made very clear procedure to determine the political responsibility of the president," said the minister. According to the magistrate, the impeachment process is respecting, until now, the whole itinerary established in the Constitution and has passed in an atmosphere of "absolute legal normality."


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The story of Brazil’s political crisis, and the rapidly changing global perception of it, begins with its national media. The country’s dominant broadcast and print outlets are owned by a tiny handful of Brazil’s richest families, and are steadfastly conservative. For decades, those media outlets have been used to agitate for the Brazilian rich, ensuring that severe wealth inequality (and the political inequality that results) remains firmly in place.

Indeed, most of today’s largest media outlets – that appear respectable to outsiders – supported the 1964 military coup that ushered in two decades of rightwing dictatorship and further enriched the nation’s oligarchs. This key historical event still casts a shadow over the country’s identity and politics. Those corporations – led by the multiple media arms of the Globo organisation –heralded that coup as a noble blow against a corrupt, democratically elected liberal government. Sound familiar?

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Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment – video explainer

For more than a year, those same media outlets have peddled a self-serving narrative: an angry citizenry, driven by fury over government corruption, rising against and demanding the overthrow of Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, and her Workers’ party (PT). The world saw endless images of huge crowds of protesters in the streets, always an inspiring sight.

But what most outside Brazil did not see was that the country’s plutocratic media had spent months inciting those protests (while pretending merely to “cover” them). The protesters were not remotely representative of Brazil’s population. They were, instead, disproportionately white and wealthy: the very same people who have opposed the PT and its anti-poverty programmes for two decades.

Slowly, the outside world has begun to see past the pleasing, two-dimensional caricature manufactured by its domestic press, and to recognise who will be empowered once Rousseff is removed. It has now become clear that corruption is not the cause of the effort to oust Brazil’s twice-elected president; rather, corruption is merely the pretext.

Rousseff’s moderately leftwing party first gained the presidency in 2002, when her predecessor, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, won a resounding victory. Due largely to his popularity and charisma, and bolstered by Brazil’s booming economic growth under his presidency, the PT has won four straight presidential elections – including Rousseff’s 2010 election victory and then, just 18 months ago, her re-election with 54 million votes.

Women carrying flowers take part in a ‘flowers for democracy’ demonstration against the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. Photograph: Eraldo Peres/AP

The country’s elite class and their media organs have failed, over and over, in their efforts to defeat the party at the ballot box. But plutocrats are not known for gently accepting defeat, nor for playing by the rules. What they have been unable to achieve democratically, they are now attempting to achieve anti-democratically: by having a bizarre mix of politicians – evangelical extremists, far-right supporters of a return to military rule, non-ideological backroom operatives – simply remove her from office.

Indeed, those leading the campaign for her impeachment and who are in line to take over – most notably the house speaker Eduardo Cunha – are far more implicated in scandals of personal corruption than she is. Cunha was caught last year with millions of dollars in bribes in secret Swiss bank accounts, after having falsely denied to Congress that he had any foreign bank accounts. Cunha also appears in the Panama Papers, working to stash his ill-gotten millions offshore to avoid detection and tax liability.

It is impossible to convincingly march behind a banner of “anti-corruption” and “democracy” when simultaneously working to install the country’s most corruption-tainted and widely disliked political figures. Words cannot describe the surreality of watching the vote to send Rousseff’s impeachment to the Senate, during which one glaringly corrupt member of Congress after the next stood to address Cunha, proclaiming with a straight face that they were voting to remove Rousseff due to their anger over corruption.

As the Guardian reported: “Yes, voted Paulo Maluf, who is on Interpol’s red list for conspiracy. Yes, voted Nilton Capixaba, who is accused of money laundering. ‘For the love of God, yes!’ declared Silas Camara, who is under investigation for forging documents and misappropriating public funds.”

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Meanwhile our government is sending free electric energy plants to Brazil, and at the same time there will be rationing of electricity for 40 days (4 hours without energy every day) because the water dams have almost ran out of water, a combination of both El Nino and the extreme incompetence of our rulers here for not predicting this outcome.

Socialism is a cancer which needs to be gone from Latin America. And if you want to call me a fascist for it, since you always seem to retort to mental gymnastics instead of logic reasoning, so be it.

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After criticism of the Supreme Court, Dilma is cautious with speech tone in UN

After harsh criticism from ministers of the Supreme Court rebutting the speech of President Dilma that his impeachment is a coup, close associates of the PT were cautious about the tone of the speech on Friday (21) in the United Nations (UN). According to counsel, Dilma finalized the final version of her speech at the UN during the flight to New York.

But the reaction of the STF ministers, as Dean Celso de Mello, made Dilma back of a more forceful tone. For Mello, the statement Dilma is a big mistake, as well as being a personal of his line of defense perspective.


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On her last week in the presidency, Dilma is taking a lot of measures to raise government's expenditures and damage even more the country's economy. Even though, the government has no budget and it is already accumulating historical deficits due to the deep recessiom, high inflation and huge government expenditures, she announced a raise of 9.5% in Bolsa Família program (already responsible annually for almost R$ 30 billion in the government budget).

She's also going to many spots of the country to inaugurate infrastructural works.

This thursday she's coming to my city to inaugurate Belo Monte Dam (not completed, just inaugurate for marketing before leaving the presidency), the largest infrastructural work of the country and allegedly one of the sources of corruption money for her political campaigns. There are some strong rumours that she may resign this friday, but I doubt it.

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The subtitute of Eduardo Cunha in the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, the pro government Waldir Maranhão that is also being accused in many corruption charges, suspended the impeachment process trying to overcome the decision of the great majority of the deputies.

Many legal resources are being sent by many deputies to the Supreme Court and protests are being scheduled to after the working hours of the population. Ibovespa is in free fall.

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The Senate is voting the Impeachment tonight. In a few hours Dilma Rousseff will be removed from the presidency.

At least 54 votes are being expected and only 41 are needed.

Dilma Rousseff Braces for Brazilian Senate’s Impeachment Vote

BRASÍLIA — Even before the speeches were finished, the votes were cast and her fate had been sealed, a common conclusion had already settled in the halls of President Dilma Rousseff’s palace on Wednesday: The party’s over.
With a mixture of grim resignation and a dash of gallows humor, aides said that some of them had already stopped working; they were now too busy looking for new jobs. Others even seemed a little relieved; at least the long battle was almost over.
As for Ms. Rousseff, who has publicly vowed to keep fighting the “coup mongers” engineering her ouster, her office issued only a cryptic description of her schedule: “Internal meetings.”
Just a short stroll from her palace, the Senate was debating whether to suspend Ms. Rousseff and place her on trial, the culmination of months of tirades, secret maneuvering and legal appeals in the campaign to impeach her.
“I’m convinced that there is more than enough proof of her crimes,” said Marta Suplicy, a senator from São Paulo who was Ms. Rousseff’s ally before defecting from her leftist Workers’ Party.
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Bach: Rousseff impeachment won't hinder Rio Olympics

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — IOC President Thomas Bach believes the final preparations for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro won't be affected by the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

Bach said Thursday that the Olympics will be a success despite the political crisis that led the Brazilian Senate to vote 55-22 to impeach Rousseff, less than three months before the opening ceremony of the games.

"Preparations for the Olympic Games have now entered into a very operational phase and issues such as these have much less influence than at other stages of organizing the Olympic Games," Bach said.

The Senate has 180 days to conduct a trial and decide whether Rousseff should be permanently removed from office. Vice President Michel Temer takes over as acting president while she is suspended.

By tradition, the head of state declares the games open during the opening ceremony, which will be held Aug. 5 at the Maracana Stadium.

"There is strong support for the Olympic Games in Brazil and we look forward to working with the new government to deliver successful games in Rio this summer," Bach said. "We have seen the great progress being made in Rio de Janeiro and we remain confident about the success of the Olympic Games in August."

The buildup to the Rio Games — the first in South America — has been clouded not only by the political crisis, but by Brazil's deep recession, a vast corruption scandal, the Zika virus outbreak and concerns over venue delays and severe water pollution at the locations for Olympic sailing and rowing.

Bach is expected to travel to Rio next month for a firsthand check on preparations.

"The Brazilian people will deliver a memorable Olympic Games full of passion for sport for which they are world renowned," he said. "It will be a moment for Brazil to show to the world its determination to overcome the present crisis. These will be Brazil's games."



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Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Suspended After Losing Impeachment Vote

Brazil’s Senate voted to suspend President Dilma Rousseff from office to face an impeachment trial, ushering in a new government to take command of Latin America’s largest economy.

Legislators agreed on Thursday after a marathon session that lasted 21 hours to try the president on allegations she illegally doctored fiscal accounts to mask the size of the budget deficit. The vote was 55 to 22.


Michel Temer is now the acting president:



Temer's measures should bring virtuous cycle in the economy


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Parliamentarian Orlando Silva, former minister of sport, details 12 horrible things that the government's new president Michel Temer has managed to do in less than 72 hours:
1 - The Ministries of Culture, Women, Human Rights, Racial Equality and Youth have been deleted.
2 - We are the first government since Geisel without women in ministry ... and of course, no black.
3 - Three ministers are investigated directly in Lava Jet and now have privileged forum (type what Lula could not in any way).
4 - Comptroller General ceases to be independent and shall be subordinate to the government. Around the age of engavetador.
5 - They indicated to Minister of Justice Cunha former lawyer (appointed by him even), former lawyer of the CCP, arm armed right Alckmin who led and publicly revalidated violent attack against social movements, adolescents and occupations in schools, besides increasing by almost 70% the number of deaths from police action. And it was already declaring that pro-Dilma protests are act of guerrilla warfare.
6 - Seven ministers of their suffering processes of corruption crimes. [ie, seven are corrupt minister].
7 - The new Minister of Social Development says "Bolsa Família [a big government social program that took millions of Brazilians out of poverty] can not be brought to life."
8 - Gilmar Mendes, the Supreme Court suspended the collection of evidence in an investigation against Senator Aécio Neves.
9 - The new Minister of Education, DEM, is the author of legal action to fight affirmative policies and is against the FIES and Prouni.
10 - The Minister of Agriculture is one of the champions in deforestation and has proposed the end of the environmental licensing.
11 - The Institutional Security Cabinet is occupied by Sergio Etchegoyen Westphalen, who is from a long line of armed forces personnel. Both father - quoted in the National Truth Commission report - as the uncle have participated in the military dictatorship, the organization of repression and political persecution.
12 - The son of Sarney to Minister.

Source (in portuguese).

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So, pretty much nothing of real value was lost, and the usual leftards are being triggered.

Once again, hiding behind muh diversity and muh gender equality excuses to justify their **** ups. Never change, commies. Never change.

And surprise surprise, Maduro is butthurt and calling it a Coup, even the Argentina thing (when Kirchner lost fair and square against Macri). But when they kill 100 people, kidnap (then murder) workers inside the state TV channel and plot to murder the president and his family back in 1999, is not a Coup. Hypocrites.


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The ministries cut was needed due to expenditure cuts needed to the attempt of reverting the crisis. Then, there were 39 ministeries that were used simply to PT governement accomodate and give money to its basis, raising even more unecessary expents. The blogs and websites that PT used paid to defend Dilma's government are mad, Temer has cut their money lol

I repudiate the fact of 3 ministers of Temer's governement are being investigated in Lave Jato, but it's super funny how selective is the indignation of "Petistas" (PT governement 'supporters), it was alright when 21 (yes, more than half) of Dilma's ministers were target of investigation in Lava Jato operations.

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Btw, the Ministries of Culture, Women, Human Rights, Racial Equality and Youth were no extinct, they were incorporated. Also, the Ministry Racial Equality and Women had already been merged by Dilma on one only thing, the Ministry of Citizenship, which is now being incorporated into the Ministry of Justice.

While the Ministry of Culture is back to the MEC, as ever it was, by the way, MEC = Ministry of Education and Culture.

*not extinct

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