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2016 Political Crisis in Brazil

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Aw bohoo, white people are evil, white people are bad, white people are the cause of all our problems....give me a break, already. You're the ones being racists, now.

Also, trusting anything Al Jazeera (aka Caliphate Channel) says, ever. You have to be goddamn stupid.

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I'm curious, are consulates/embassies located within close proximity to each other in San Francisco or other cities, or is it the norm to have them spread out all over a city? Since Houston has no zoning laws, the largest city in the US without any zoning laws, I thought that was the main reason why they have consulates in the most random of places.

Don't quite get the thrust of your question. SF being a compact city, all the consulates are all downtown together with all the civic, gov't, and office buildings. It wouldn't make sense to put a consulate out of nowhere in, say, San Mateo or in San Leandro (well, it would've been convenient for me if it were in the latter...).

Was surprised at how big the waiting room was. They had 9 windows and when I got there, there might have been about 15 people in the 11:20-11:40 slot. Seats probably for 60 people.

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Brazilian universities rise up against the coup
'Globo Golpista' - Students, teachers and lawyers against the media manipulation of TV Globo (or Globo TV)
Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (the main private university in Brazil with PUC-Rio and others)

University of São Paulo (especially law school)
University of São Paulo is like 'The Brazilian Harvard'

Brasilia University

Federal University of Pernambuco (especially law school)

Federal University of Paraná

Mackenzie Presbiterian University

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Absurd situation in Brazil
One of the delegates who supported Aécio Neves (opposition candidate against president Rousseff in 2014) wants the end of some Facebook's pages with criticism of the 'Lava Jato' operation, in Federal Policy. He was part of a Facebook group called 'Fora PT' (Against Dilma Rousseff , Lula and the Workers Party) and now he is leading the operation.

About the Lava Jato operation: This operation is accused of 'against the government, only' for many people in Brazil.

In portuguese:

Chefe da Lava Jato que apoiou Aécio quer barrar perfil crítico no Facebook
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Brazil party set to abandon Rousseff, making impeachment more likely

Brazil's largest party will decide on Tuesday to break away from President Dilma Rousseff's floundering coalition, party leaders said, sharply raising the odds that the country's first woman president will be impeached amid a corruption scandal.

in Brasilia, a presidential aide said the break was "irreversible" and the Rousseff government was now focusing on individual members of the PMDB and other parties to try to convince them to vote against impeachment by offering government jobs and pork barrel for their districts.

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OAB (Organization of Brazil's Lawyers) formalizes new request for Dilma's impeachment


Temer tells Lula that PMBD will abandon the government


PMDB is the biggest ally of Dilma's government.

Janot points 'unusual circumstances' with Lula as minister and 'unusual activity' of Dilma


Rodrigo Janot = Prosecutor General of Brazil

"Impeachment is not coup", says Barroso, Supreme Court minister


Minister of the Supreme Court (Celso de Mello) says that Impeachment is not coup


Impeachment is not coup, says ex minister of the Supreme Court, Carlos Ayres Britto


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Historical information:

The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) also supported the military coup on 64.
Horrible, but it's true.




OAB, ditadura e verdade



Protests against OAB this month:

People singing "The truth is hard, the Brazilian Bar Association supported the Dictatorship"

People against the coup love History, Sociology and Democracy ;)

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Why this is the most pathetic moment in the history of Brazil?
1. This is not about corruption. It was never about corruption and for "a better Brazil":
Kataguiri, the guy against "public companies" and protest leader
Kataguiri (anti-government protest leader) explained to The Guardian in 2015 "We defend free markets, lower taxes and the privatization of all public companies" (To understend: Privatization of public companies is part of the ideology of the political right in Brazil).
Kataguiri calls people like "the Power Rangers" to fight against the government (the political left) in a article of the main Brazilian newspapper "Folha de S. Paulo".
2. The Brazilian media attacks the (left) government and says to the people: "the opposition is super":
"Veja" is the most popular magazine in Brazil.
For example, for Veja magazine Bernie Sanders is a "delay". Trump is very good! But Sanders is Bad. Can you understend? This is the Brazilian "great" media.
Article "O conto do mau velhinho: por que Bernie Sanders é um atraso de vida"
3. People, manipulated by the media (historically against popular governments like Getúlio Vargas and Jango) and inflated by a non sense hatred, go to the streets against the government:
"Yeah! We are the "Power Rangers against Corruption"
Now, Brazil will be a better place!

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Anyway, while some here are still deluded fighting with invisible enemies and an unexistant coup, the largest party of the coallition, PMDB, has voted to resign from the government, which will pretty much haste even more an impeachment.


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LOS ANGELES TIMES, march, 28 - 2016
The politicians voting to impeach Brazil's president are accused of more corruption than she is
Efforts to impeach Brazil's president accelerated this month as the country fell into full-blown crisis. But the congressional commission that will help decideDilma Rousseff's fate has its own legal problems.
Of 65 members on the impeachment commission, 37 face charges of corruption or other serious crimes, according to data prepared for the Los Angeles Times by the local organization Transparencia Brasil.
The commission does not represent just the congressional faction that wants Rousseff impeached, but contains members of both the ruling coalition and the opposition.


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Cauê's posts are so false, blind and/or manipulated that make me feel sick.

Anyways, in the real world:

Brazil president closer to impeachment as coalition partner quits

Dilma Rousseff’s hopes of seeing out her four-year term took a major hit when the PMDB voted to leave the governing alliance: ‘This is her D-Day’ says analyst

President Dilma Rousseff's hopes of seeing out her term of office have received a potentially fatal blow after the biggest party in the Brazilian congress voted to abandon her ruling coalition.

The vote by the Brazilian Democratic Movement party (or PMDB) could trigger a defection from Rousseff’s coalition by other smaller parties, and greatly increase the prospect that she will lose an impeachment vote in the lower house next month and be suspended from office.

To cries of “Workers party out!” and “Onward Brazil!”, PMDB leaders announced their decision to break up the coalition. All six remaining ministers in the cabinet will resign by 12 April.

“We’re going to try to change the country. The economic and social crisis is very serious,” senator Romero Juca, the PMDB’s first vice-president, told a party meeting in the capital Brasilia.

Rousseff now leads a fragile minority government. Senior officials in the governing Workers party insist the president can still be saved from what they say is a coup attempt against an elected leader who still has more than half of her four-year mandate to serve.

But their efforts to shore up support look increasingly desperate after the PMDB – which has 68 of the 513 seats in the lower house – decided to leave an alliance that has propped up the government for more than 13 years.

David Fleischer, political science professor at the University of Brasília, said the defection would create a domino effect that is likely to topple Rousseff.

“This is her D-Day,” he said. “[Now the PMDB has left] the possibility of her impeachment increases to 90%.”

The president’s opponents will now have an increased majority on the impeachment committee which could give the go-ahead for a full congressional vote, most likely on 17 April, Fleischer said.



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Protesters in Lisbon (Portugal) - Pro-Democracy and Against the Coup in Brazil



NaoVaiTerGolpe Portugal | 29-03-2016 | Lisboa by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

"GloboGolpista" (Protest against the manipulation of Globo TV)


NaoVaiTerGolpe Portugal | 29-03-2016 | Lisboa by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

"A Veja mente" (Protest against Veja magazine)


NaoVaiTerGolpe Portugal | 29-03-2016 | Lisboa by Ninja Midia, no Flickr



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This is very very important:
The two main universities in Brazil (USP, in São Paulo and UFRJ, in Rio) rise up against the coup

USP (The "Brazilian Harvard")
Intelectuais e movimentos sociais fazem ato contra impeachment na USP
UFRJ (Rio)
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More two Great universities against the Coup in Brazil :D

UERJ (One of the most important public universities in Rio)


Direito UERJ Pela Democrecia | 30/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr


Direito UERJ Pela Democrecia | 30/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

PUC-Rio (The main private university in Rio)


UNIVERSIDADE PELA DEMOCRACIA - 30/03/2016 - Rio de Janeiro by Ninja Midia, no Flickr


UNIVERSIDADE PELA DEMOCRACIA - 30/03/2016 - Rio de Janeiro by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

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The portuguese protesting should take her and her gang to them if they really like her so much lol

Great support of Dilma. Law students from the traditionally socialist/communist/anti american universities lol

Look at the level of the speeches during USP demonstrations hahaha

"Moro is serving two objectives: deliver the oil of the pre-salt layer to american companies and weaken Mercosul"


By the way, USP also has pro impeachment groups. Their demonstrations will be next friday: http://politica.estadao.com.br/blogs/fausto-macedo/grupo-de-alunos-e-ex-alunos-da-faculdade-de-direito-da-usp-convoca-ato-pro-impeachment/

Istoé magazine released last thursday a nice compilation of the crimes commited by Dilma. Here's little part of the article:

The 7 crimes of Dilma

1 - CRIME OF RESPONSIBILITY, with no less than FOUR episodes of obstruction of justice. Legal provision: section 5 of Article 6 of Law 1,079 / 1950;

2 - DISOBEDIENCE CRIME, since it was published in the Official Gazette Lula's nomination, even though it was suspended by the judiciary. Legal provision: Article 359 of the Penal Code;

3 - ROBBERY, according Ricardo Pessoa' delation, from UTC, there were extortionate threats to force donations to PT in 2014. Legal provision: Article 158 of the Penal Code;

4 - ELECTORAL CRIME for abuse of economic power and slush fund. Legal provision: Article 237 of the Electoral Code;

5 - CRIME OF FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, because of the "pedaladas fiscais" and unnumbered decrees. Legal provision: articles 10 and 11, inc. III, of Law 1,079 / 1950;

6 - IDENTITY THEFT, to hide in the election year, lying about the real economic situation of the country, which was already in crisis. Legal provision: Article 299 of the Penal Code;

7 - IMPROPER CONDUCT, by using the apparatus of government in a visit of political-partisan nature to Lula. Legal provision: Article 11 of Law No. 8.429 / 1992.

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All states of Brazil and Brazilians in more than 20 cities around the world
in the streets, yesterday, against the coup.


Flags of different leftist parties and social movements rise up against the coup


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

A Portrait of experience and wisdom:

Chico Buarque (the great Brazilian composer) and a very very cute woman


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr



Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

More Therapy, less Coup...


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

A important protest against Eduardo Cunha, one of the most corrupt politicians in Brazil and

leader of the process of "impeachment" against President Dilma Roussef


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

Large crowds in the heart of Rio, against the coup and pro-Democracy


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr


Ato Nacional Pela Democracia | 31/03/2016 | Rio de Janeiro RJ by Ninja Midia, no Flickr

This is the real Brazil, with people of all colors and all social movements.

People with knowledge of History and Sociology.
These people are not manipulated by the great Brazilian media.
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Brazil Marches to Defend Democracy

Social movements, trade unions and student groups mobilized en masse across the country Thursday,

to defend democracy and condemn the right-wing coup attempt against President Dilma Rousseff, who is currently facing threats of impeachement.

This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address:


If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/english


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Some news of the day:

Celso Daniel was a member of the Worker's Party and mayor of Santo André (SP) that was involved in corruption cases back in 2002, during Lula's campaing. He was murdered and there are strong suspects that his assassination was a crime with politcal causes. The 27th phase of Lava Jato started today.

Celso Daniel's brother accuses PT of covering up the crime and says that Lava Jato could solve the case


Dilma was once againd dennounced for the crime of administrative dishonesty. She's being accused of offering government positions in exchange of votes against her impeachment: http://www.em.com.br/app/noticia/politica/2016/03/31/interna_politica,748941/senadores-pedem-na-pgr-perda-de-funcao-publica-de-dilma-e-jaques-wagne.shtml

She's offering positions mainly to PP, the party with the biggest number of accusation in Petrolão scandal. This party is also the successor of ARENA Party, the party that sustained the Military Dictatorship.

Government is offering ministries that were with the PMDB

One day after the breakup of the PMDB with the government, the staff of president Dilma Rousseff began offering ministries that were in the hands of PMDB to parties like the PP and PR in an attempt to get votes in these captions and block the opening of a process impeachment in the Chamber of Deputies.



In the middle of the zika outbreak, government wants to deliver the Ministry of Health to a Civil Engineer


Leia Mais:http://politica.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,irmao-de-celso-daniel-acusa-pt-de-tentar-abafar-crime-e-diz-que-lava-jato-pode-esclarecer-caso,10000024286
Assine o Estadão All Digital + Impresso todos os dias
Siga @Estadao no Twitter

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