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Hello, I am new here but I have been a silent reader of this forum for a couple of years but I, for some reason, decided not to create an account.

Anyway, there hasn't been a competition on here for a while, so I thought I would organise one.

The competition I am organising is someone a bit different and based around a scenario, here it is

BBC News 13/03/16

In a shocking move, yesterday the IOC confirmed that Rio de Janeiro will no longer be hosting the XXXIst Olympiad. There are many rumours going round as to why Rio were removed as hosts, but IOC president Thomas Bach only said that 'Rio has been removed as host and we will be looking for a new host that can put on a great games'. As of yet the bookies have no partcular favourite favourite for the host and it remains to be seen who will put their name forward.

So the scenario is Rio has been removed as host by the IOC and they now need someone else to host the games of 2016.

Due to wanting something different all hosts from 1988 and onwards are not allowed to host although another city from the same NOC may bid.

Comment here or send me a PM if you wish to take part.

All that is required for this is a:

. Bid Logo

. 5-page minimum brochure detailing your plans for the games

Anything else is OPTIONAL but WILL BE LOOKED FAVOURABLY UPON BY THE IOC because of the extra effort required.

A full timetable will be published by the IOC in around a week, after they see how popular the competition is.

One more thing, obviously the brochure will be different to a normal bid brochure due to the small amount of time the bids would have to organise the games.

I look forward to your submissions.

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