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DOSB will hold a vote on the German flag bearer: several candidates will be nominated (considering the schedule of the athletes), 50 % of the vote will be the Olympic team, 50 % fans, I guess some online voting will be organised.

In the past, the decision was taken just a few days before the OC, so still some time for this.

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The Australian Olympic Committee has finally chosen its flag bearer well before jetting to Rio down in Sydney as promised. And it's gold medal-winning cyclist Anna Mears in a Sydney ceremony after being handed to the previous OC Aussie flagbearer the recently Lauren Jackson! Meares got emotional about this honor:



Greece Hellenic Olympic Committee announced its first-ever Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony Greek female flagbearer with Athens 2004 gold medalist sailer Sofia Bekatourou to start the Parade of Nations off hours ago. Decision was unanimous



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Guatemala's first ever medalist Erick Barrondo will lead his team with his nation's flag



Taekwondo's Ruslan Zhaparov wins the honor to carry Kazakhstan's flag in Rio after getting it at Astana from President Nursultan Nazarbayev:


Abdelkébir "Bekir" Ouaddar from equestrian will lead Equipe Maroc/Team Morocco with the Moroccan flag



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Latest days, Chilean flag bearer Erika Olivera - a marathonist - has been reason of intense debates on Chilean media in general... (Written press, radio, TV and Internet)

She has conffesed that she was sexually abused by her step father (an Evangelical pastor) for 12 years, since she was 5 to her 17 years old....

She comes from an extreme poor family and she started running as a way to scape from her abussed child life and as a way to scape from her extreme poverty...

Intense debate has been tiggered her case about laws of children sexual abuse that centrate in the prescription of those kinds of crimes...

Erika ran away from her house when she just turned 18 and never came back. Later, she got a family and has reached many sports achievement (Rio will be her 5th Olympics) She has been considered as an example of strength, her remarkable resilence and the most clear example that sport can take people out from the extreme poverty.... My respects to one of a most well-deserves flag bearer in Chile and the Olympics....


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Here's what they look like:

Stephanie Au, a former Cal Golden Bears swimmer entering her third Olympics and holder of several HK swimming records, is interestingly enough on the same day she was named HK's flagbearer, part of Hong Kong's 7-person rio 2016 swim team which includes only one male swimmer (Geoffrey Cheah):




Amel Tuka



Sergei Martynov

Martynov managed to get the flag from his captain Alexander Bogdanovich who previously got it from their President Alexander Lukashenko, who revels in sports himself, during a Belarussian Olympic Team ceremony:



Badminton player Derek Wong was announced as Singapore's Opening Ceremony flag bearer:



Israel's rhythmic gymnast Neta Rivkin receives the Israeli flag (link of this story will turn up soon)


Jossimar Calvo



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The brazilian falg bearer will be selected on Internet


And the names are

Yane Marques (Modern Pentatlon)


Robert Scheidt (Sailing) (he was flag bearer in 2008) :huh:


Serginho (Volleyball)


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Agreed on Riner

And here is your Canadian 2016 Olympic flag bearer. Trampolinist Rosie MacLennan, Canada's sole gold medalist from London 2012, got the honor to lead Team Canada with the maple leaf with the help of PM Justin Trudeau at a ceremony in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa today








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On 5. Juli 2016 at 0:51 PM, StefanMUC said:

DOSB will hold a vote on the German flag bearer: several candidates will be nominated (considering the schedule of the athletes), 50 % of the vote will be the Olympic team, 50 % fans, I guess some online voting will be organised.

In the past, the decision was taken just a few days before the OC, so still some time for this.

5 candidates are:

Lena Schöneborn (ModPent, Gold Beijing)

Moritz Fürste (Field Hockey, Gold Beijing/London)

Ingrid Klimke (Equestrian - Eventing, Team Gold Beijing/Lindon, her multiple Gold medalist dad was flag bearer in Seoul)

Kristina Vogel (Track Cycling - Teamsprint Gold London)

Timo Boll (Table Tennis, Team Silver Beijing, Team Bronze London, former world no.1)

While being the only non-Gold winner, Boll is probably the best known, so ge's got an advantage in the public part of the vote. In London, another Hockey player, Natascha Keller, was flag bearer, which probably rules out Fürste. I personally like Schöneborn a lot, let's see.

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