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Tokyo 2020 Ceremonies

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Blue Impulse rehearsing the drawing of the olympic rings


Also, some drones were caught around the stadium. Seems like they will use drones for the ceremonies.



In other news, Keigo Oyamada (one of the music composers for the opening) was acussed of having bullied schoolmates with disabilities which it seems he has admitted (is there anyone else on these ceremonies team who doesn't like to shame others? :wacko:)


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49 minutes ago, neneu10 said:

In my opinion they should do this to hide the empty seats




Does not have the same affect during a night ceremony however something similar that would be more clearer would be a good idea.

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3 hours ago, synergy said:

After the Olympic oath is taken by athletes, officials and coaches, and the Games are officially declared open, viewers can look forward to a spectacular artistic display as the flame enters the city's Olympic Stadium and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron takes place.


It seems, and because they are not gathering athletes in the center of the stadium, the sequence will be Winter Olympics like: the parade first and then the show…. Despite we claim the lowest excitement ever for an Olympic edition; we are facing a historical Opening Ceremony


Unlike previous Games, the cauldron will in fact be located away from the stadium and situated in Tokyo's waterfront city.

It seems we are not going to see the cauldron inside the stadium and finally we will watch the lighting of the external cauldron: In Vancouver and Rio – and Lima for the Pan Am Games -  we only witnessed the lighting of the internal cauldron, but the external lighting was not part of the show (and that was unfair taking in consideration the permanent cauldron were the external ones in those three cases) 


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