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Are there still no news at all regarding European Games 2019? Im starting to believe either that it will return to Baku, or that it will be cancelled

I think there are more important things for Europe to worry about now.

Would Baku have to build a whole new village if they host it again?

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Apparently it was supossed Russia would host them, then the doping scandal happened, so I don't know. Kazan and Moscow were the possible choices. I'm pretty sure they will pick Kazan given they have all the venues ready because of the 2013 Universiade.

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It's pretty stupid of the European Games committee to only give the host about 4-5 years to organize the games. They should have gone for a full 7 just like a regular Olympic games, even if the demand for extravagant facilities isn't as high as an Olympic games. I think the best option would be to skip the 2019 games and just open the bid for the 2023 ones to give the organization time to regroup and for serious bid contenders to be interested in hosting.

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