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Vote buying scandal?

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From #WADA report on #IAAF published today:

"Transcripts of the various discussions between Turkish individuals with KD make reference to a discussion regarding the Olympic city bidding process for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. It is stated that Turkey lost LDs support because they did not pay sponsorship moneys of $ 4 to 5 million either to the Diamond League or IAAF. According the transcript the Japanese did pay such a sum. The 2020 Games were awarded to Tokyo. The IC did not investigate this matter further for it was not within our remit."

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For me it seems like the sponsorship was paid by the JOC regardless of the bid. If there is more information, other NOC that paid the sponsorship but were not bidding for 2020 for example, it would help in making a conclusion. Maybe it's possible that Turkey didn't have the money to pay, not that they did not want to within some sort of ethical dilemma. At this point it seems too vague and way too late given all the time Istanbul 2020 has had to come out against this (unless they or Tokyo 2020 didn't even know about it).

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...scandal wise....we need more information. Turkey isn't exactly looking too much sympathetic at the moment.

Ya, the IOC dodged a bullet choosing Tokyo. It has problems, but it's much safer to host there than in Spain or Turkey in 2020.

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