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Super Bowl 50

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^^ OK, my knowledge of American sports is obviously worse than I thought. I've never even heard of the Charlotte Panthers and yet they're in the Super Bowl.

Technically they're the Carolina Panthers, named after the states North Carolina and South Carolina. They played in Clemsen, South Carolina for a couple of years while their stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina was being built. The name was never changed for some reason.

And don't feel too bad. I live in the US and I didn't realize that the Seattle Supersonics and Vancouver Grizzlies moved and became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2007 and Memphis Grizzlies in 2000 respectively until like 2010 lol.

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^^ OK, my knowledge of American sports is obviously worse than I thought. I've never even heard of the Charlotte Panthers and yet they're in the Super Bowl.

They are technically based in Charlotte with its home stadium and franchise headquarters there. But it's called the Carolina Panthers for marketing reasons to build up and broaden fan support from both North and South Carolina that are both football-mad from decades of college and high school football (and even some tastes of defunct pro football ones like the original Charlotte Hornets from the WFL, the RaleIgh-Durham Skyhawks in the WLAF, and Arena Football's Charlotte Rage). Charlotte is the biggest city in both states--and holds a high per capita income average through its banking business--over the likes of other cities like Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Wilmington, Charleston, Asheville, Greenville, Fayetteville, Columbia, High Point, and Cary. There's a tendency to refer the area in pro sports as Carolina rather than the actual exact city the franchise is based in (true also with the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes that are based in Raleigh, North Carolina for similar reasons). Geographically, Charlotte touches the border with South Carolina with areas like Gastonia and Salisbury that make up the 2.45 million population Metrolina area.

Both teams touched onto the Bay Area yesterday at different points Sunday.

Clete Blakeman is the Super Bowl 50 ref even with the notorious failed Arizona-Green Bay overtime coin flip in Glendale when the coin just went up in the air having not flipped over. It's his first:




Fort Meyers, Florida attorney Jeff Rice is the Super Bowl 50 umpire, his third and the only one with multiple Super Bowls:


The Super Bowl 50 ref team with a combined 97 years of experience out in the NFL gridiron:


Heard about the end zone painted with only the Broncos on them. It's a whole new sodded field turf installed at Levi's Stadium just for it, nonetheless. Turf's good right now


On the movie TV advertising front, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Walt Disney Studios will pay for movie trailers to be aired during the Super Bowl. Fox paid for Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence and Eddie the Eagle, Paramount paid for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Universal brings forth the debut trailer for an untitled fifth Bourne film with Disney paying for Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book, Zootopia, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Finding Dory. I knew ID4: Resurgence, Captain America, and Finding Dory would get the Super Bowl treatment:


Canada's CTV will premiere the "White Knights" episode of the DC's Legends of Tomorrow as the Super Bowl lead out show even before CW in the USA airs it here the following Thursday.


Speaking of superheroes, there's this Superman vs. Batman-inspired Super Bowl 50 trailer by the NFL involving Cam Newton and Peyton "The Sheriff" Manning loose on the Internet:


The Netherlands will have their Super Bowl 50 kick through FOX Sports 2.

How SiriusXM will tackle Super Bowl 50 coverage. Interestingly with other languages along with English and Spanish on its stations like Japanese, Hungarian, German, French, Cantonese, and Portuguese along with NFL Radio coverage:


Further bit on the local stations in Denver and Charlotte when it comes to Super Bowl 50: As KOA and WBT are both clear-channel stations, the local broadcasts will be audible over much of the western United States after sunset (for Denver) and the eastern United States throughout the game (for Carolina). Per contractual rules, the rest of the stations in the Broncos and Panthers radio networks will either carry the Westwood One feed or not carry the game at all.

My, we've certainly come a long way in sports broadcasting technology's beels and whistles since the first one (wasn't called the Super Bowl yet officially) at the LA Memorial Coliseum 50 years ago:


ESPN's weeklong plans for Super Bowl 50 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Out in San Jose and Marina Green. Says that ESPN International will handle the game itself seen through the CBS feed in HD in Australia, New Zealand,Pacific Islands, Spanish-speaking Latin America, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Plus ESPN will show it in 175 movie theaters in Mexico and Brazil:


Can't believe Media Day is going on right now at the SAP Center instead of the traditional Tuesday during Super Week. Why the change? Anything memorable like Marshawn Lynch's "I just here so I won't get fined" from last year?

NBC Sports extensive coverage plans for Super Bowl 50:


Ryan Reynolds in a Hyundai commercial where it's nothing but him (at least 13 of him shown) everywhere in Ryanville with a theme about being distracted for the Hyundai Elantra with Salt-N-Pepa's "What a Man":




Winner of the Intuit QuickBooks' "Small Business Big Game" contest is upstate New York's Death Wish Coffee. It will have a 30-second commercial aired free of charge courtesy of QuickBooks. Death Wish Coffee beat out nine other contenders from across the United States for the free advertisement. The commercial uses Vikings along the stormy seas as a metaphor for its strong taste. Look for its website to crash hard in the minutes afterward.


We know lots and lots of pizzas will be bought and consumed for Super Sunday like all the others past. Biggest pizza sales day of the year. Still deciding what to chow down on then. Pizza? Chicken wings? Anyway, Pizza Hut, while not a NFL sponsor, likes to give reminders in the 10-20 minutes before kickoff on what to munch on; it's when the majority of Super Sunday pizzas are ordered. Like this Golden Garlic Knots Pizza it unofficially commemorates the golden Super Bowl 50 and refers to as "the Golden Anniversary of the Big Game" that it is being played in the Golden State. Another golden touch was hiring Detroit Lions player Golden Tate to help promote the new pizza at festivities and media events in the Bay Area.. In-game hasn't been done since 2007. Papa John's (like their pizzas too) is the current NFL pizza sponsor:


Lil Wayne in a Super Bowl 50 commercial from Apartments.com chilling with George Washington. Oddly hilarious:


Van Halen's "Running With The Devil" plucked for Acura NSX's hard-driving Super Bowl 50 commercial:




Liam Neeson returns in another Super Bowl commercial with an LG OLED 4KTV Ultra series commercial as a man from the future directed by Ridley Scott's Jake from Ridley's production company. So you know there's some action involved:


Super Bowl babies will appear in the NFL's Football is Family third quarter commercial with Seal making a cameo with some in a choir:


Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott pitch for Amazon.com with the former poking at Deflategate (stop with the scandals suffixed with "-gate":


All the recording artists' concerts going on throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for Super Bowl week:


Scott Baio (and aliens) in a Advocados From Mexico Super Bowl 50 commercial. Advocados From Mexico also sponsors Good Morning America's Super Bowl weeklong series this week:



FOX Sports Radio Super Bowl 50 plans:


Super Bowl 50 could be the boost for CBS New This Morning:


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You don't have to enjoy all the Super Bowl-related events going on in the San Francisco Bay Area or even read this thread. But it's what I like to do because I honestly enjoy the Super Bowl. Let's face it, the Super Bowl brings up significant worldwide interest not just the US, Canada, and Mexico. People enjoy it.

The Panthers will use the San Jose St. Spartans practice facility and stay at the San Jose Marriott, while the Broncos will practice at Stanford University and stay at the Stanford Marriott. When the Panthers held their Super Bowl rally back in Charlotte before jetting to the Bay Area, 2500 people turned up for it. There was that minor accident involving a police officer that was part of the Denver Broncos police escort yesterday and all three Broncos buses. Luckily nobody, not even the CHP cop, was seriously hurt:





Pepsi's Mountain Dew released a hilarious teaser for its newer line of its successful brand of its Kick Start drinks, something I personally enjoy, now out in stores with flavors like Midnight Grape, new Kick Boost flavor Watermelon, and the brand new Recharge ones in Blueberry Pomegranate and Blood Orange. I'll try them all. Do like Limeade, Black Cherry, Pineapple Orange Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, and Fruit Punch. The teaser centers on a creature acting like a baby in a high chair:


In what seems to be annual Super Bowl tradition with Budweiser and having its own PSAs about responsible alcohol consumption Dame Helen Mirren stars in one such Budweiser spot this Sunday humourously tearing into drunk drivers with her spittle and appeals to people's better angels. Indeed, Super Sunday is a big drinking day and Bud plans to donate $1 each with the hashtag #giveadamn for a safe ride program:


You can now call Drake on his T-Mobile smartphone for a possible Hotline Bling, promoting Apple Music streaming now on T-Mobile. He's gotta dance in this one like he does in the video (he does!):


But Peyton Manning doesn't like seeing himself in commercials with plenty of those endorsements under his pocket like Papa John's, Buick, Sony, MasterCard, and Nationwide


CTV's press release announcing the exclusive Canadian broadcast of Super Bowl 50 from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, includes more than seven consecutive hours of pre-game programming with coverage beginning at 10 am CT largely using the CBS feed. CTV TWO will air the Late Late Show with James Corden afterwards. The Canadian differences: Labatt Breweries, founders of TSN, are the overall Canadian presenters. Live radio coverage will be on the TSN Radio's Super Bowl Network across 15 stations in Canada like Toronto's TSN Radio 1050 AM (press release will have the 15 stations below). RDS' French Super Bowl coverage begins on 4:30pm Canada/USA CT. Nissan Canada and Toyota Canada are the quarter sponsors. Canadian commercials will come from KitKat, launching a new bigger KitKat that is perfect for sharing. Other returning partners include Burger King, Mazda Canada, President’s Choice, President’s Choice Financial, Scotiabank, Sun Life Financial, and Volkswagen Canada. New Super Bowl advertisers include BMO (Bank of Montreal), Chartered Professional Accountants, GlaxoSmithKline, Mackenzie Investments, and Wealthsimple, featuring new creative for their “Take Care of Yourself” campaign. Therefore, Canadians won't see all of the original US Super Bowl commercials. TSN will get involved in the coverage with a mix of its own and from American sister network ESPN. Canadians can see it digitally on both CTV GO and TSN GO apps mobile and ctv.ca and tsn.ca online:


Only during Super Bowl Media Night do see Miss Universe down there asking questions with the Broncos and Panthers players and coaches. In this case Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philppines for Inside Edition--and dabbing too. Stuff like this doesn't happen on the regular. Super Bowl is one of the few times silliness is allowed:







I'm a bit surprised that SiriusXM never used Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Korean, Filipino, Russian, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Hindi, Punjab, and Arabic for Super Bowl 50.

NFL Network showed the first Super Bowl, only non-sellout, with footage culled from NFL Films and using the NBC Sports Radio audio coverage of Jim Simpson and George Ratterman layering on top of the footage. Ray Scott (doing play-by-play for the first half), Jack Whitaker (doing play-by-play for the second half) and Frank Gifford provided commentary on CBS, while Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman were on NBC. While Rozelle allowed NBC to telecast the game, he decreed it would not be able to use its cameramen and technical personnel, instead forcing it to use the feed provided by CBS, since the Coliseum was home to the NFL's Los Angeles Rams. For many years, only two small samples of the telecasts were known to have survived, showing Max McGee's opening touchdown, the first one in Super Bowl history, and Jim Taylor's first touchdown run. Both were shown in 1991 on HBO's Play by Play: A History of Sports Television and on the Super Bowl XXV pregame show. In January 2011, a partial recording of the CBS telecast was reported to have been found in a Pennsylvania attic and restored by the Paley Center for Media in New York. The two-inch color videotape is the most complete version of the broadcast yet discovered, missing only the halftime show and most of the third quarter. The NFL now owns the broadcast's copyright and has blocked its sale or distribution. Everything was nearly on film save for the several player introductions and a post game locker room chat between Pat Summerall and Pete Rozelle. Thought the NFL would utilize that very same video and integrate it with what NFL Films had already. With Jim Simpson having died weeks ago this January at age 88, this leaves Jack Whitaker as the only sportscaster from that game still alive at age 92:



The first Super Bowl was broadcast simultaneously by CBS (broadcast rights holders of the NFL) and NBC (the AFL's broadcaster) in 1966. Both used the same feed but provided their own commentary teams. After that starting with Super Bowl II, CBS and NBC alternated with CBS starting first. Worth noting though that Super Bowls I–VI were blacked out in the television markets of the host cities even if it was sold out and served as a neutral site, due to league restrictions then in place. This alternating practice continued on until 1985 when ABC debuted with Super Bowl XIX in Palo Alto, California (Stanford's home) and thus began a three network rotation followed by NBC and CBS. FOX debuted with XXXI in 1997 after it stunningly took the NFC games rights away from CBS. The current annually rotation looks like this: CBS, FOX, and NBC. This will last until the current NFL TV contract rights expire in 2022 with Super Bowl LVII in 2023. Super Bowl LI belongs to FOX.

On the digital front, CBS will provide digital streams of the game via CBSSports.com, and the CBS Sports apps on tablets, Windows 10, Xbox One and other digital media players (such as Chromecast and Roku). Non-Verizon smartphone subscribers, prepare to be disappointed. Because Verizon Communications exclusivity with the NFL, streaming on smartphones is only provided to Verizon Wireless customers via the NFL Mobile service. The ESPN Deportes Spanish broadcast will be made available through WatchESPN.

It was just now announced that the BBC 5 Live Sports Extra will carry its own British English broadcast with Greg Brady, Darren Fletcher and Rocky Boiman on commentary. Sky Sports will also show the Super Bowl in Ireland too.

Yes, the Seven Network down in Australia will shoe it but also FOXTEL along with ESPN Australia live Monday AEST.

Speaking of The Philippines, Super Bowl 50 will be broadcast live on TV5 and Hyper (Channel 53 (SD)/Channel 130 (HD) on Cignal) at 7:00 am Philippine Standard Time, with same day rebroadcast at 7:00 pm only on Hyper. TV5 programming on that timeslot (7:00 am to 10:45 am) may be pre-empted due to the live telecast and will air the following day.

Sat.1 will also air it in Switzerland and Austria. France's W9 also play in Switzerland.

Heinz presents some adorable wiener dogs (dachshunds) in a stampede that don't need any ketchup with Harry Nilsson in the music background in its 3rd quarter Super Bowl commercial as part of the new "Meet The Ketchups" campaign:




CBS tonight right now is airing a two-hour special of the 50 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time, hosted by Boomer Esiason and Katherine McPhee. Those who pay attention to this stuff like I do can easily figure out some shoo-ins. There's even a Mean Joe Green and that Coke kid reunion. I think those two seen each other a couple times since:



CBS (and CTV) will carry live the NFL Honors Awards hosted by Conan O'Brien at the Bill Graham Auditorium (named for the late SF-based concert promoter) Saturday night.

Steven Tyler vs. his Skittles doppleganger in a singing competition on Super Bowl 50:



Lady Gaga will perform the Star Spangled Banner. Still don't know who will do America The Beautiful

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ESPN premieres its latest 30 For 30 tonight on the beloved Super Bowl champions 1985 Chicago Bears upon the 30th anniversary of winning Super Bowl 20 (can you really believe that it's been 30 years?) with that colorful cast of characters--Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, Mike Singletary, The Fridge, Jim "The Punky QB" McMahon, Richard Dent, Buddy Ryan, Willie Gault, and even future Super Bowl coaches Jeff Fisher and Ron Rivera on their dominant run to Super Bowl glory. And that legendary stifling defense. Wouldn't be complete without the Grammy-nominated Super Bowl Shuffle! :D

Audi has arguably the most poignant TV commercial for the Super Bowl with David Bowie, having only sadly passed away weeks ago, and his 1972 classic Starman breaktakingly sweetly used in it for a forlorn and aging astronaut disconnected in his life happily recalling his younger self going into space while driving with his son to break him out of stouper. Surely it will make people smile in Bowie's memory; think Audi got permission to use while the Thin White Duke was still alive:

More details on that weird Christopher Walken Kia commercial coming. Cowbell is involved:

Another thing about the Canadian coverage on CTV: what CTV does is a simsub of the game where it allows with consent from the CRTC, who mandates on there the commercials must have Canadian content in it with ads purchased via Bell Media, much to the marketers' chagrin. Commercial space cost less up there than it would south of the border. Thus making it less lucrative. But it is big business for the Canadian advertisers. Of course, Canadian Super Bowl fans can always watch the US broadcast from the nearest US network affiliate. In this case for Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara, the CBS Buffalo affiliate:

RDS' Super Bowl 50 press release--in French, of course--that fills out the details of what it will do during that day more so than as part of the extensive Bell Media CTV/TSN's English Super Bowl 50 press release and will be on location. Its pregame starts one hour before the game:

7Mate from the Seven Network channels is showing Super Bowl 50

Checked Supersport's TV guide and it's not showing the game. Who is in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa?

The BBC's telecast in the UK will not have any commercials, if you ever thought there would be there. This is the Beeb we're talking about, after all. Instead during breaks in the game where the commercials would normally appear, the sportscasters from BBC 5 Live would explain the sport to confused UK viewers. Will be on BBC 2 with coverage starting 10:50pm UK time (or 22.50) :

Sat.1's Super Bowl 50 coverage explained:

Italian Super Bowl 50 coverage comes from FOX Sports 2 on pay-TV SKY Italia channel 204...for a fee on midnight Monday. With repeats on 15:15 (3:15pm) and 21 (9pm). Gabriele Cattaneo offers the Italian commentary but there's an option for the English one. Also available on SKY Go and Preminum Play. Italia 1 takes care of the free-to-air side:

Japanese viewers have Super Bowl 50 live on Nippon Television G+ and NHK BS1 live Monday morning at 8am with replays on 23:00 (11pm) NHK BS1 re-air, Tuesday at 1:59 Nippon Television, and 19:00 GAORA Sports, Wednesday at 23:00 GAORA Sports, Saturday at 17:00 on Nippon Television G+, and the next Sunday at 13:15 GAORA:

How Sky Sport NZ get Kiwis some Super Bowl 50 action on ESPN starting at 5am and going through the midday:

Michelob Ultra has the first Super Bowl 50 commercial airing distinction after kickoff to be shown centering on breathing during active but balanced lives:

Janelle Monae' pitches for Pepsi during the game on the Joy Of Dance:

There's a teaser commercial from Turbo Tax--starring James Lipton arriving to meet the producers thinking he's going to star in their Big Game commercial but is rejected in favor of someone "regal" despite offering to sing and some cake. LeBron James?

Movistar+ will have Super Bowl 50 on Canal + Espana at 1:30 with a 23:30 (11:30pm) replay in Spain in its new pay-TV service:

Sweden's TV3 will have Super Bowl 50:

Norge Viasat 4 will have 6 hours+ of Super Bowl 50 coverage late Sunday at 22:30:

Fiat Chrysler will have 2 commercials for Super Sunday

Eleven Sports will show Super Bowl 50 in Poland:

BMW joins fellow German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz in opting out of Super Bowl 50 commercial making:

Seems the Marvel and Coca-Cola join forces in a Super Bowl 50 commercial to promote 6 different cans with Captain America: Civil War characters on them:

More of a local commercial but Comcast Xfinity has Oakland A's ace pitcher Sonny Grey appearing briefly in a spot:

The new WeatherTech Super Bowl 50 spot emotionally drives home the point of being made in the USA means to them:

The Snickers' one with Willem Dafoe in another Super Bowl commercial being so cranky on the set of the iconic Seven Year Itch scene in that white dress before turning to equally iconic Marilyn Monroe afterwards is so silly and hilarious. Second link has the teaser:

Subaru is instead opting to go for the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet with its puppies:

Televisa plans to show Super Bowl 50 simulcasted both on Televisa Deportes and Canal 5

In-depth stuff on what to watch for on CBS' wall-to-wall Super Bowl 50 coverage:

Kevin Hart will appear in another Hyundai spot driving his daughter's date crazy. With a Queen song:


Heck on Wheels is the subject for Toyota, seemingly poking fun on being blah mixed with weirdness:

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PayPal makes its Super Bowl commercial debut. And Ben Franklin is not happy with this "new money" open-mindedness and sneering. The future seemingly is now:



Checking out CBS cameras' and the operation/execution of the Matrix-style effects at Santa Clara headed by a 20-time Super Bowl vet Ken Aagaard:


Super Bowl 50 has its own app and, as you would expect there, Levi's Stadium having super-fast Internet:


Dutch live coverage of Super Bowl 50 on FOX Sports NL (also available in Belgium I'm sure):


Czech Super Bowl 50 coverage on Sport 2 with Jindra Rajchl and Standa Jantoš:


Like with Fiat Chrysler, Taco Bell's commercials are shrouded in much mystery:


Eugene Robinson, now the Carolina Panthers radio analyst, warns the Carolina players about not making the same painful mistake he famously made on the eve of the Super Bowl XXXIII down in Miami back in 1999 when he solicited an undercover prostitute and got arrested when he was an Atlanta Falcon and got an award the day before, tarnishing his upstanding and clean image. Yet then-coach Dan Reeves allowed him to start but the arrest sapped his motivation. Same could apply to Cincinnati's Stanley Roberts a decade earlier also in Miami:


StubHub's cheapest Super Bowl 50 ticket? $3000:



The Roar's Costas Nomikoudis provides a primer for Aussies about the Super Bowl, hype, commercials (which aren't shown down there), game and all:


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Let me get this out of the way to further prove that I'm a not a casual fan. My prediction is that the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50 over the Denver Broncos tonight by the score 24-21. Both teams have exceptional defenses that are pretty much ranked 1-2 in the whole NFL and thus very much even. But the Panthers possess more offensive and athletic firepower than the Broncos do spawned from NFL MVP Cam Cam (a nod to one of his Under Armour commercials centering on all of his cameras in his home), who has the potential to make some history with a college and pro award/championship double but to be a force for years to come. Carolina's faster on both ends, I think. Denver certainly can't afford to have the Good Sheriff play like he did two weeks ago on what I strongly believe to be his "last rodeo"; he's not the offensive player like he was two years ago with his arms. It'll be more of a game manager for his team and must utilize the running game. Carolina is known to pounce on the offensive side of the ball right from the jump and never lets up to halftime. But this will be different for they never seen a defense that's a mirror reflection of them in key ways. If the Broncos can keep things close to the end, they have a shot to win. Be very nice to see Manning ride off into the sunset with the Vince Lombardi Trophy but I won't necessarily count on that.

Super Bowl Joe will participate in the coin toss

There will be a pregame ceremony honoring the past 49 Super Bowl MVPs in Santa Clara:


Puls 4 Sport will show Super Bowl 50 live at 23:10 (11:10pm) and in HD with Puls 4 Sport Plus showing a live streaming in Austria:


Brief details on Sweden's TV3/Viaplay's broadcast of Super Bowl 50 including an all-Swedish sportscasting team:


Another Scandinavian MTG-owned TV3 is also airing Super Bowl 50 over in Sweden's neighboring Denmark through TV3 Sport from 9-15:30:


Portugal's Sport TV 2 will air Super Bowl 50 live from Santa Clara on 23:30 local time in HD with hosts Ricardo Silvestre and Pedro Viana:


Hyundai released a teaser trailer centering on a young man and woman being chased through the forest with the look and feel of a low budget horror movie--later revealed to be chased by two bears in another one:


FOX Sports Latin America also will show Super Bowl 50 at 4pm with FOX Play as part of the NFL's great Latin American publicity expansion, particularly Colombians in this link:


On the Hispanic NFL market expansion:


How to watch it in Mexico. Also shown on TV Azteca's Canal 5:


Over in the Middle East and North Africa, OSN and BeIN Sport are sharing Super Bowl 50. OSN will have it on OSN Sports 2 HD with BeIN Sports showing it on BeIN 1 HD and BeIN 12 HD:

Hong Kong's new pay-TV service Now TV has Super Bowl 50 live and exclusive on Now Sports channels 681 and 631 (Now Sports 1) Monday at 4 and 9am.

On New Zealand's TV front, TVNZ will show it on the free-to-air side live Monday at noon NZ time on TV ONE, TVNZ's Pop Up Channel and on TVNZ OnDemand as Sky Sport NZ does the pay-TV side:


Romania's Dolce Sport 1 imports the CBS feed with Dolce's Romanian commentary apparently:


Actually Belgium will have Super Bowl 50 on TV through Eleven Sports like Poland. Also Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland will have the CBS commentary imported onto its presentation.

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Queen also plays another prominent role with Honda's for the Ridgeline Piuckup trucks as the sheep are signing "Somebody to Love" during the third quarter:


And Fitbit's got one too.

Santa Clara mayor Jaime L. Matthews says no to a free Super Bowl 50 ticket. And is not a football fan:


Concession prices at Levi's Stadium are outrageous for Super Bowl 50. But this is to be expected and is only temporary. There's even golden-flecked big 5-0 sausages and pizza. Dear god. Where's detention for the price-setters?







Brett Favre, Orlando Pace, Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison, the late Ken "The Snake" Stabler, Kevin Greene, former 49ERS owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., and Dick Stefanel are enshrined into Canton as the Class of 2016:


I'll stop right now until tomorrow and delve even deeper. Like with more media coverage.

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Expected the game to be more of a defensive affair and closer. But turned out a little more lopsided than expected. 24 points was the winning score. But that instead came from Denver and not from Carolina. I'm not mad at all with the result and over my prediction. I, like lots of people, am very happy for Peyton Manning getting a win on the Golden Super Bowl at the Golden Bay in the Golden State. had to admit as the game progressed with Denver carrying the lead into halftime, I was progressively pulling for the Broncos despite my prediction. Was the Denver D doing the damage. The Carolina Panthers' offense laid an egg last night at the most inopportune of times to capitalize on serious drives. Too many penalties, incompletions, and fouls all game. Especially when the more disciplined Denver went through the second half with no fouls, penalties, and loss of yardage. Zero flow. Wished it was more competitive

CBS' broadcast of Super Bowl 50 is the third-highest program in US TV history behind the previous two Super Bowls. Couldn't overcome last year's sadly at 111.9 million with a peak of 115 million for halftime:



How SI critiqued CBS' broadcast:


Guess what? North Korea's newest satellite flew over Levi's Stadium last night during the game:


Turned out Steve Harvey did indeed poked fun of his Miss Universe mistake with a T-Mobile Super Bowl 50 spot:


Thailand had Super Bowl 50 on True Visions' True4U Channel 24 and Truesport HD at 6:00 AM Time in Thailand aired live.

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