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Super Bowl 50

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As long as that morally corrupt and arrogant Evil Empire New England ( :angry: ) does not make it that far, preferably earlier, I'll be more than happy. In the midst of the playoffs and my Texans got eliminated bad at home. REAL bad. :( Blanked! Enough about the playoffs right now. I wanna talk about the commercials to start off with.

Average cost of this year's Super Bowl 30-second spot for the one based in San Francisco (actually played in Santa Clara) for the second time ever since 1985 come February at Levi's Stadium will cost over a record $5 million (up from 11% from last year's), although CBS says the last advertising space cost could fetch upwards to $6 million. Could break last year's Super XLIX most-watched record


Acura, Buick, Mini, and Honda will all return after taking at least a year on the sidelines

Budweiser's cuddly dalmation puppy will NOT return in the Budweiser commercials. But the iconic Clydesdales will return

Doritos will make its 10th and final appearance in the Crash The Super Bowl era with a chance to work with Zak Snyder and $1 million. Three finalists are already named

Intuit presents the winner of three small business finalists in this year's ad

LG Electronics and PayPal will make their Super Bowl ad debut this year with Ridley Scott as producer and his son Jake as director in the former and a 45-second being produced in the latter. SunTrust Banks also make its debut

Hyundai (first time as NFL sponsor after replacing GM in June), Kia, Snickers, Skittles, Advocados From Mexico, Taco Bell, Toyota, Mountain Dew, Pepsi (sponsoring halftime show again), WeatherTech, Butterfinger, Wix, Squarespace, and TurboTax all return

Colgate will have a PSA-like ad during the second half's 2-minute warning to encourage people to conserve water while brushing like with the Latin American version

GoDaddy.com is sitting out this year after the controversy with a spot featuring a golden retriever puppy that gets sold and replacing it with a last-minute spot


When there's word on the Canadian Super Bowl commercials for the CTV broadcast, I'll get those

General Super Bowl info. Kickoff is 5:30pm (3:30pm US/Canada Pacific time) covered by Jim Nantz (play-by-play) and Phil Simms (analysis). Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars are the halftime entertainment:


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To be honest, even with "my" team having reached the finals the last two years my enthusiasm for the sport is waning.

Everyone knows the medical problems the sport suffers. (Teddy Roosevelt -who wanted Americans to be a society of warriors- almost banned it in 1905 as too violent and dangerous for American youth after 18 players were killed that year.) The monetary issue is a far bigger problem, though.

Despite the fact that the NFL has the highest revenue of any sports league in the world, it still pays its players less than any of the other "Big 4" in North America. Basketball, baseball and ice hockey players all make significantly more money than NFL players. There are simply too many hands in the till. The wages on a basketball team get divided among 14 players. The wages on an NFL team get divided among 53 players. Then there's the other costs, which are also massively higher for American football than any other sport.

There are only eight home games per season. So there are very few opportunities to sell tickets, and as a result the league is heavily focused on high priced corporate seating and perks. There are 15,000 people on the wait list for season tickets for the Seattle Seahawks. Even if you are willing to pay $300 per ticket to a scalper it can difficult to find tickets. So the people in the stands are mostly white yuppies, with very few kids or minorities.

The NFL is a revenue focused machine, but that machine has come at the cost of making the sport inaccessible to the general public outside of television, and even with all of that money it still pays its players only half the average wage of a baseball player. So for the players, they have the opportunity to have a decade or more cut off their life expectancy for a fraction of the money they would get in basketball, baseball or soccer in Europe. And even less money than ice hockey players.

Eventually I think football is going to go the way of boxing in the USA. It will never die, but the pool of athletes will wither away.

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NFL Network will unleash for the first time that lost footage of the very first Super Bowl between Green Bay and Kansas City, then known as the NFL-AFL World Championship Game, that was shared by CBS and NBC this Friday at 6pm US/Canada CST. All painstakingly culled and spliced back together with NBC Sports Radio broadcast of Jim Simpson (RIP) and George Ratterman layered over. Just compared the amount of technology from this to what we will surely see from Santa Clara:


Nice little segue into what we will expect and feature from CBS' (AKA The Eye) broadcast plans of Super Bowl 50 from the technological side of things with all of the innovative technology inside a VERY tech-friendly stadium that's Levi's Stadium. Here's hoping NBC will adopt some of this come Rio at the venues and in the presentations:


Go Patriots!


I knew this was going to happen...

Pray that KC will smite all that wickedness up there Saturday night! Matter of fact, I at least partially blame that low down and dirty and rotten-to-the-very-core Evil Empire New England for why the Same Old Sorry Ass Shams are going back to Los Angeles and will take a long time (I'd say at least a decade) for St. Louis to return to the NFL (liked the Shams then but had the good sense to since ditch them for the Houston Texans) :angry: . Just look what has happened since! Must admit I do feel sad and a little bitter for the St. Louis football fans after Tuesday night's announcement from Houston. :(

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In some ways it's kinda like that now, Baron. Do believe the football talent pool will dry up but that will take at least a generation or two. Or the equipment technology improves and the tackling becomes better starting from the grassroots upwards along the way. Yet to read League In Denial book and see the Frontline doc and the Concussion movie.

Do expect these days of course several movie TV spots during the Super Bowl. I can expect ID4 20 and some superhero films, released in the summer, to be among them.

General trend with these Super Bowl 50 commercials, in reflecting these anxious times worldwide and domestically, seems to be playing it safe and not wanting to offend. Even football-themed work might get avoided because of concussions and domestic violence. Missteps on Super Sunday can be hurtful. See Nationwide last year:


Ronda Rousey, Amy Schumer, and Seth Rogan are filming a commercial together in Los Angeles for either Bud Light or Bud Light Platinum. Will there be a reference towards the LA Rams return in this. May recall a couple years ago, Arnold posed as a table tennis player in one.


A pro-Jeb Bush super PAC raising $300,000 for an ad to be aired in New Hampshire during the Super Bowl before the New Hampshire primary? Why can't there be free political advertising instead?


Nice going Kansas City. And...if it weren't for that dumb play in the end in Glendale last February, the NFC and Super Bowl reign ending wouldn't be as bad in Charlotte. All that can be laid bare back in the Phoenix area. Did the Seahawks collectively smoked some stupid crack during the Katy Perry-Lenny Kravitz-Missy Elliot halftime there, letting that Evil Empire New Empire wrongfully and shamefully come back and win it after having a halftime lead?! :angry:

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Sadly, my Seahawks reign as conference champions came to and end today, but after one World Championship and almost a second one bookended by two near-miracle playoff comebacks, vs Atlanta in 2012 and Carolina today, my fellow fans and I can rejoice in what is the team's greatest era in its 40 year history, and I do not believe our time as contenders is over either.

I have looked forward to celebrating Super Bowl 50 for some time, and I have watched one Super Bowl highlight film a day since the 50 day countdown a month ago. It has allowed me to relive some wonderful moments through the years. The NFL as a whole, may not be as fun as it once was (funny, how that seems to have coincided with Goodell's rise to commissioner), but this time of the year is still special.

After SB 50 comes and goes, I'll need to come up with some ideas on how to celebrate the NFL's centennial season in 2019.

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Sadly, my Seahawks reign as conference champions came to and end today, but after one World Championship and almost a second one bookended by two near-miracle playoff comebacks, vs Atlanta in 2012 and Carolina today, my fellow fans and I can rejoice in what is the team's greatest era in its 40 year history, and I do not believe our time as contenders is over either.

I have looked forward to celebrating Super Bowl 50 for some time, and I have watched one Super Bowl highlight film a day since the 50 day countdown a month ago. It has allowed me to relive some wonderful moments through the years. The NFL as a whole, may not be as fun as it once was (funny, how that seems to have coincided with Goodell's rise to commissioner), but this time of the year is still special.

After SB 50 comes and goes, I'll need to come up with some ideas on how to celebrate the NFL's centennial season in 2019.

That's the sad legacy of one of the dumbest plays ever in sports history worldwide they called from last February currently at work--we all know what THAT one is. When stuff like that happens it can take a while, if ever, for fortunes to change. Definitely not immediate to right that wrong. Think about it: Seattle SHOULD be back-to-back champions.

Too bad St. Louis won't take part as an NFL market in the centennial like it didn't back on the 75th anniversary now with the Shams gone... :(

(remember I'm a Houston Texans fan but saddened that St. Louis won't have NFL for at least a long while and of the parasitic and greed-induced circumstances that brought that about)

Update on the Budweiser TV commercials with the King Of Beers getting 3 minutes of ad time for the game for Bud Light, the NFL beer sponsor, Budweiser (there since 1975), Michelob Ultra (first since 2010), and Shock Top (making its Super Bowl debut). The ads will get a pre-release on Feb 7. No Bud Bowl revival, though:


What to look for with the 9 automobile manufactuers showing their advertising stuff on Super Bowl 50, including Buick that's making its Super Bowl debut. We do know that Hyundai's got a "dream team" of directors and Kia's got Blake Griffin for theirs. Mini's got star-studded campaign for the Mini-Clubman:



Heard about the Beyonce Knowles absence too in regards to her pregnancy. It's been reported that Rhianna has replaced her. Can't see the two divas getting together in a platform like this since they do similiar stuff and there's a need to keep the genre mixing diverse in the pop world.

We can certainly expect YouTube provide an advanced preview of all the commercials in full before their broadcast again this year--and will lauch the AdBlitz that will host them starting in real time as well as new and original content:


In a continuation with what I wrote last wrote, don't expect "sex selling" this year. Never mind we're a decade past from the infamous halftime show that I still think wasn't and shouldn't act like a big deal at all as we in the United States, particularly us young ones like me, sexuality in our culture is still evolving. And rather revert to classic and comforting values. Advertisers are getting conscious of the online impact of the viewers' attention of the Super Bowl. Also look for some brands to steal the show like Oreo did during the blackout Super Bowl in New Orleans and Volvo's "Greatest Interception Ever" contest without actually running a commercial in real-time, mobile-friendly offers:


Will Steve Harvey poke fun of his now-infamous Miss Universe flub that he quickly owned up to on stage for a Super Bowl commercial like shelling for Snickers with even Justin Bieber and Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, neither of the latter two have hard feelings towards? Odds say, yeah since nobody was physically hurt there. It'll be cool if that happened:


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New Super Bowl advertiser Shock Top is very ambitious in proclaiming it will have "the greatest Super Bowl ad of all time" with comedian T.J Miller and Martin Montana as the voice of its mascot Wedgehead. Have heard of Shock Top for several years now, endured some great growth and but stagnated in sales in recent times. Maybe them and a Toronto-based ad agency will change this in their grandest stage ever:


Mo' tech! Mo' tech! Mo' tech! Mo' tech! Than ever. All at Levi's Stadium:


Apparently Beyonce will indeed join Coldplay (and is featured on their new album) and found some pre-rehearsal space at the USC campus for the halftime show:



Skittles returns this year with Steven Tyler but without his trademark microphone stand. Kia brings on Christopher Walken and a colorful sock for theirs to air in the third quarter:


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Delighted to hear that, partly in reaction to the era of rapid cord-cutting going on, CBS will offer the live online/mobile streaming of Super Bowl 50 (and the AFC Championship Game) free of charge at CBSSports.com!


Nissan joins Ford in saying no to Super Bowl 50 advertising. In Nissan's case, it's really about focusing on a different kind of sports marketing strategy this year, like involving colleges:


ESPN Deportes, carriers of the Spanish Monday Night Football from ESPN, has the US Spanish TV broadcasting rights to Super Bowl 50 that it got from CBS and the NFL with its own 90-minute pregame show. ESPN Deportes will also carry the Spanish-language game coverage on the radio side:


MultiDyne’s HD-500 RX technology linked to the SkyCams coming to Levi's Stadium for Super Bowl 50:


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Ball don't lie



























I'd seriously like to enthusiastically thank the Denver Broncos for getting rid of that Evil Empire New England Sunday afternoon! As predicted, the game was close and had some nailbiting moments in the end. Payton Manning, a REAL QB, had to adjust emulating KC's Alex Smith as being a game manager for the course of the AFC title game. It would have been another very tragic and deeply sad day if the Evil Empire got another title. Now I and many others all around the world who watch the Super Bowl can happily enjoy the golden Super Bowl 50 on TV from the San Francisco Bay Area in peace without agonizing about that Evil Empire in it! :) Any Super Bowl without that morally corrupt entity is automatically a great one! You certainly don't want to know about what happened to me last year...

I hope Denver taught all those wrongheaded misguided Evil Empire worshippers a very, very, very deeply painful and humiliating lesson about the dangers of this evil yesterday. They must repent from that. We must stay vigilant against it! :angry:

Even Belarus' Viktoria Azerenka, a fan of other sports, was thrilled to realize her beloved Denver Broncos cast out and put a stop to that and hateful and oppressive Evil Empire New England halfway across the Pacific down in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia during her daytime postmatch Round of 16 Australian Open interview live on the Seven Network (and was on ESPN 2). Sometimes it can serve as a surprise how US sports and other things can be found out elsewhere on the globe:

Moving on.

Can't see Denver getting a leg up upon Carolina, judging from the whipping the Panthers laid out on the Cardinals last night in Charlotte. Like with all those interceptions in their outright domination. Then again, Denver could shock and keep things interesting with its own stellar and imposing defense. Cam Newton can very well be the first to win a college football award and a NCAA national championship and very possibly a Super Bowl and the NFL MVP. Tom Flores now has some Super Bowl coaching company and likely title company in Ron Rivera being the first Hispanic head coach in the Super Bowl since Flores. Speaking of Rivera and keeping with the Super Bowl theme, he was a member of the still-beloved 1985 Super Bowl Shuffle Chicago Bears team with their vaunted historic defense Ditka and Buddy Ryan engineered and that cast of characters that won Super Bowl 20 down in New Orleans over the New England Patriots, long before it descended into that rotten and evil franchise we all must know and hate, also making its Super Bowl debut back then with Da Bears. And one of his teammates then was Jeff Fisher, who later took the Tennessee Titans (then still the Houston Oilers back in 1985-86) to the Super Bowl as head in Atlanta's soon-to-be-demolished Georgia Dome in February 2000. On that note, ESPN will premiere a 30 For 30 on that very special team on February 4 called with a rather bland title, The 85 Bears. Can't believe it's been 30 years since then. Been watching some vintage Super Bowls lately on YouTube the past few weeks, in fact, including Super Bowl XX.

One thing I ask of Denver: don't wear orange again to the Super Bowl. Things never work out--and often turn very bad--for them when they do.

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As a hater of all things Patriots and a Houston Texans fan, there were no heroes in that game for me. I wanted them both to lose somehow lol

Gary Kubiak gave us one of our worst seasons ever due to his obsession with a QB that we were sick and tired of. It was just a sheer miracle and the hard work of other players that we made it to the playoffs two years in a row under him, but Matt Schaub as a QB was very limited and nothing was going to change so long as we still had him. So out of spite I'm rooting for the Carolinas. If that means Peyton Manning won't get another SB ring, then so be it. My pettiness is THAT bad! lol

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Well, the AFC team is the home team in even numbered SBs, so Denver will have the choice of which uniform they wear,

I am pleased with the matchup so I am staying neutral and just enjoying this special anniversary of America's premier sporting event. Just like 25 years ago and SB XXV, and that turned out to be my personal favorite until two years ago.

I can't believe I have posted more about the Super Bowl on these boards recently than I have about the Olympics (I'm dealing with some serious frustrations there).

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John Fox, now in Chicago and coached both Super Bowl teams to that game in recent years only to come up short, certainly has an interesting angle and connections to this game. Maybe he should skip this one out to watch. Might as well call it Super Bowl 50: the John Fox Remix:

As do Bama fans on their old SEC quarterback rivals now in the Super Bowl, among other things. Perhaps it's a case of who do they hate more:

Another good thing about the Super Bowl without that Evil Empire New England: ticket prices--resale included--plummet but are still very expensive:

But generally the hot ticket price is going to $5000+ to get into Levi's Stadium:

Jim Nantz on calling the upcoming Super Bowl 50, The Masters, Jack Whitaker, travelling and calling NFL games with Phil Simms, Peyton Manning, and his personal symmetry with the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four, and the Masters all in the 1st quarter of this year:

Golden St. Warriors star Stephen Curry reps his hometown Charlotte-based Carolina Panthers hard all the way:

To celebrate Pokemon's 20th anniversay, this really epic and instant classic TV commercial for the Super Bowl from Nintendo just went online hours ago. Featuring young people worldwide training and inspiring themselves to be the best at what they do pushing to the limit being intoned "I can do this!" Supposed to coast them $10 million. Not unlike something we see presentation-wise from Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour with sportslike passion. First one released online in its entirety:

Good. Denver is learning not wear orange this time. It's white to wear in Santa Clara. They're perfect in the Super Bowl when they don't (navy in 1998 and 1999):

Some ads are already there. But Squarespace hasn't released anything, not even a screenshot, regarding its commercial featuring Kelly and Peele:

Another article on why it's so very good to be Levi's Stadium right now as far as its relationship with tech and data goes:

What (mostly here) CBS Sports, ESPN, FS1, DIRECTV, NBCSN, NFL Network, and Showtime plan to do for Super Week and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shame NFL Network isn't doing a Super Bowl 50 marathon with all those past Super Bowls to binge watch on. Don't think that was ever part of the plans. CBS alone will handle 7 hours of pregame Super Bowl coverage that's part of the overall 11+ hours on Super Sunday (game with halftime, pre/post-game and trophy presentation included) in the traditional giving the whole programming day to the Super Bowl done by the terrestrial networks starting at 10am US/Canada CST:

Along with Nantz and Simms, Tracey Wolfson and Evan Washburn will be the sideline reporters. On Westwood One Radio, Kevin Harlan, Dan Fouts, and Boomer Esiason handling the play-by-play and analysis with appearances from Mark Malone and James Lofton reporting from the sidelines, Jim Gray, Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Scott Graham, Hall of Famer Rod Woodson, Super Bowl winning head coach Mike Holmgren, and Super Bowl XXXIV MVP Kurt Warner will also contribute to the pregame coverage. The BBC also holds the rights to the annual International Series NFL games at Wembley Stadium with BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra carrying the contest; yet the press release did not indicate whether they would use the Westwood One feed or, as in years past, produce their own British English broadcast without commercials. ESPN Deportes' Monday Night Football commentary crew of Alvaro Martin and Raul Allegre, and sideline reporter John Sutcliffe are the US Spanish announcers. The network will also provide Spanish-language pre-game and post-game coverage. CBS will also buck recent tradition in premiering a new TV show right after the Super Bowl (started with The A-Team back in 1983) and instead offer with a special episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert following the game as the lead-out program from Super Bowl 50. Following a break for late local programming, CBS will also air a special episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden:

We also now know that Denver's KOA and Charlotte's WBT, with both conference championships concluded, are entitled to carry a local broadcast of the game using local announcers; as KOA and WBT are both clear-channel stations, the local broadcasts will be audible over much of the western United States after sunset (for Denver) and the eastern United States throughout the game (for the Carolinas). Both of their feeds are also available on SiriusXM:

Marina Green readies for ESPN/ESPN Deportes/ESPN International's NFL crews and its studio during Super Bowl 50:

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