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Over to you Madge...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames and Monsieurs,

You all caught me on the hop! I thought I had at least until the weekend before I'd have to get the ceremony ready. Instead, Bach's in the air right now trying to make it Buenos Aires in time, Madonna had to step in at short notice to open proceedings and even the Baron wasn't able to get his vendor's table set up in time. All because for once the voters were decisive.

Anyway, welcome to Buenos Aires, where we gather at colourful San Telmo with the GamesBids Dance Orchestra to tango our tribute to the winner of this year's summer games logo design contest.


We had a healthy 23 people vote in the last round. A total of 12 of those, or 52.17 per cent of the voting membership gave our perennial winner Paul another round on the winner's podium with his logo for the Paris of South America. Well done Paul, truly our logo master, with an astonishing six wins over the course of the comp's history. Truly well-deserved, hearty congratulations.


For the record, mer.bernham's New Orleans was our runner up and silver medallist with five votes. Glacib's Be'er Sheva and aismanggo's Singapore jointly took out bronze with four apiece, and our winter winner, woohooitsme, had to be content with fifth spot with his Kochi, India, brand. Well done to all of you! And all with nary a spat or a scandal at all this year! I miss a bit of logo comp scandal.

Now's usually the time I'd make my thanks to everyone to helped and sign off for the year. But stay tuned! I'm gonna take a weekend break from the logo business, but will be back early next week with a special, final event, to cap off this year's comping. One final poll. One poll to rule them all. But more on that soon. In the meantime, it's empanadas and asado for everyone!

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Thanks for a great comp guys, I didn't think I could come back after Hoth was kicked to the curb. To be honest I had this logo for like 2 years, I was kind of holding it hoping the right moment might come to share it. Thank you everyone who voted for him! And thank you to Sir Rols for running another awesome comp!

Congrats to all the finalists, beautiful logos and fun branding!

muchas gracias -paul


...she would have been so proud.

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