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Dublin 2028

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Here is a video I found of dublin in google video. Its a bit cheesey, but with the volume off, it should be fine. The song that is playing in the backgroung is the song "we built this city". Ugh. Instead, mute the volume and put either four songs on:

City of Blinding Lights by U2

Where the streets have no name by U2

Clocks by Coldplay

I doubt you have it, but if you do, definantly play this-Closer, by the screaming orpahns. If you don't have it, look for it!


Campaign Song Announced

The Campaign's song was announced at a press conference in Dublin outside of The Spire. The song is "Closer" by The Screaming Orphans, a group of four Irish sisters who live in New York. IT reflects the theme and basis of the games, which is to come closer as humanity, not people.

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Okay. I feel like a complete idiot. The song's name is Liar, not closer, but it is one of those songs you call buy a different name. Here is a site with a low-low-low quality version of it, with it being on the top of the list. The cd is called circles i think.
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