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Denver Olympic Logo Poll

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Hello everyone, so over the past few days I've gotten positive but mixed reviews on my Denver Olympic logo for Sir. Rols contest.

The logo was originally designed and submitted as a Summer logo, but I said I could see it as either Winter or Summer. Some think it should be a winter logo, and others a summer logo. Some also suggested more color.

So, I've gone ahead and made many different versions for your viewing and voting pleasure. Which ever logo has the most votes is the one I will officially submit. To vote, simply comment with the letter of your favorite logo. Each logo has the same branding...so..yeah. Now for the contestants!





Voting ends next Wednesday (December 23). Any suggestions or critiques are very welcome here!

Also, when voting, since the letters are the same specify which edition (Summer or Winter) for example:

My vote goes to Summer A


My vote goes to Winter A

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I vote for Winter A. Mostly because having two colors makes a black and white version easy to conceive. Also something about both the gold and silver yells Denver to me, no idea why.

Also it definitely looks like a snowflake hence my vote for Winter.

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