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Your input needed - Top 10 Olympic Bid Stories of 2015

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Our regulars know that GamesBids.com publishes a year-end feature that counts down the top 10 bid-related stories of the year. This year I thought it would be interesting to get your input in advance.

Share as few or as many of your top 10 ideas that you like. The only rule is that they are related to Olympic bids - i.e. host city bids for any year as long as the story occurred in 2015 - or - bids by sport federations for inclusion in any Olympic Games, also in 2015.

Have fun!

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Now do the bid stories have to be about current bids, or bids that were still bids during the beginning of the year like Almaty and Beijing? Or can they also be former bids who won the right to host before 2015, like with Tokyo?

If you accept Tokyo stories, then definitely add the scrapping of the stadium done by that vagina-drawing architect.

Also, Boston dropping out as the US candidate for the 2024 SOG, Hamburg losing the referendum, the stories about the conditions of the water for the Rio games. Also LA being the replacement US candidate for the 2024 Olympics.

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