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9th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp

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Okay, almost ready to close submissions. Just on 18 hours here till 2016, but I'll keep it open after that till I crawl bleary eyed out of bed tomorrow to greet the New Year, and check whatever last minute entries show up on this thread. I expect we'll open voting the day after.

Also, a bit of housekeeping. There's a few multiple entries there from people. I've got Anthony's final submissions, but could others clarify which ones they'll put through (I'm looking at you, Mr Bernham).

Happy New Year everyone!

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I would vote A since that is the most fleshed out currently and the most recognizable, therefore the marketable. Bucharest sounds more like a winter city, ripe for someone to take it.

Meanwhile, some more branding of some activities that form part of the Manila 2028 experience...


The flame festival is just a normal end of day pit stop festival for the torch relay, but the this can be based on the London 2012 Paralympic torch relay, where the flames are lit in several towns and then all of them converge on Manila. I'd do some story about how the relay wasn't coming to Mindanao, with terrorists, a land mine, and an imam reciting the Quran... to trance music. I don't know where to begin, so I won't. (Also, I nicked the 'flame' from somewhere else...)


"Chosen" is the 'legacy' program of Manila 2028, based the National Anthem, "Chosen Land". That is also the inspiration for one of the mottos of Manila 2028...


tumblr_nzsmiwbk7M1tmrha2o3_540.png"The New Anthem"

tumblr_nzsmiwbk7M1tmrha2o4_540.png"Beloved Sports"

tumblr_nzsmiwbk7M1tmrha2o5_540.png"A New Start"

tumblr_nzsmiwbk7M1tmrha2o6_540.png"My Island Home"

This was only so I could make me a signature.

Eh. That sun & 3 stars from the Phil flag is kinda corny. Doesn't look very original.

Also, what the hell does "The Chosen Games" mean? :blink: Is that like "The Chosen People"? "CHosen" by what? by whom? That slogan doesn't really mean anything.


Yikes. What is that? Like a cheese grater or blender blade??

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Okay, I guess it's time to close submissions. I'm gonna need a bit of time to get ready for the vote though. I'll probably wait a day before getting the poll up. In the meantime, if any late stragglers come in I'll consider them. Thanks to all who entered - now brace yourselves for combat!

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Okay, I'm gonna call submissions closed now (though I MAY be swayed by special pleas if anyone really wants to come in late).

I think I've got them all sorted now, at least on the winter side. I do wanna hear from mr.bernham, though, to finalise the summer entries.

I expect to start the first Winter 2030 poll tomorrow morning Sydney time (say, in about 12 to 14 hours)

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Hmmmmm. As a past champion, I'm always willing to give you leeway to join in late. BA's a goer. But Hoth..... hmmmmmmmmm????? I guess I never specified choosing an existing city on Earth was a requirement. But I may have to pass on that one as I asked for cities, not planets. And to tell you the truth, if I did let it through there's a very high chance it would win... which would likely put some noises out of joint. Tell you what, though - I was going to launch the vote from wintry Beijing, but instead of a pic of the Birds Nest in festive smog, Echo Base will provide a much more picturesque launch backdrop.

So with no further ado, may the Force be with you as we all proceed to the winter logo poll kick-off. Beware of the wampas!


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