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8th ASEAN Para Games

As a befitting finale of a major year for Singapore sports, December 2015 will see Singapore hosting the 8th ASEAN Para Games. It is history in the making as it will be the first time Singapore hosts the ASEAN Para Games and a multi-sports event for the persons with disabilities of this scale.


There will be 15 sports in the 8th ASEAN Para Games. Beyond physical fitness, we believe in the power of sports to strengthen the character, uplift the spirits, and bond the community. The Games will serve as a platform for enhancing inclusiveness, encouraging our people to embrace sports, as well as promoting ASEAN solidarity.

The ASEAN Para Games- a biennial multi-sport event organised by the ASEAN Para Sports Federation (APSF) for athletes with a disability- will be hosted here for the first time in the history of the Games in conjunction with our 50th anniversary of independence.

The eighth biennial Games, expected to host 3,000 athletes and officials, will wrap up Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations. The seven-day multi-sport event will have their competition venues mainly at the Singapore Sports Hub and Kalang areas.

source: https://www.aseanparagames2015.com

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8th ASEAN Para Games Logo Theme


Adopting the theme of Celebrate the Extraordinary, the Games aims to promote friendship and solidarity amongst persons with disabilities in the ASEAN region through sport, to promote and develop sport for the differently abled, and rehabilitate and integrate persons with disabilities into mainstream society through sport.

8th ASEAN Para Games Logo


The logo draws its inspiration from the 28th SEA Games and the dynamism of sport is reflected through the radiance of the colour palette.

The human figures, arms raised in jubilation and seamlessly joined, embodies the essence of the international paralympic movement of Spirit in motion. They weave together to form the shape of a heart, signifying the gumption to overcome challenges, and the indomitable triumph of the human spirit.

The three figures also represent inclusiveness, uplifting and transforming sports with disabilities, and national pride.

It symbolises that even as we compete against each other, we complement each other, as individuals, as a movement, and as a region.

So, whoever we are or wherever we are heading, we know that success ultimately comes to those who reach for the extraordinary.

8th ASEAN Para Games Logo Mascot - Nila


Nila – the name finds its roots from Sang Nila Utama, the founder of Singapura.

A bundle of positive energy, his Courage is matched only by his ability to charge up the crowd.

With his fiery red mane, he symbolises the burning Passion for all things sport.

His heart-shaped face represents Friendship, where bonds are created through competition and the love of the game.

Ever ready to play, he is always immaculately decked out in his signature tracksuit or his blue sporting attire, depending on the occasion.

Come Games time, Nila will be unleashing the force of his infectious personality to bring out the cheer in everyone!

source: https://www.aseanparagames2015.com

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Games Village at MBS ready to host region's best para-athletes

With a 2,561-room hotel, a 7,432-square-metre mall and one of only two casinos in Singapore among its many attractions, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is usually seen as one of the country's most prestigious properties.

Over the next fortnight, however, it will take on another dimension as the Games Village for the 8th Asean Para Games (APG) taking place in Singapore from Dec 3-9.

Yesterday, members of the media were invited to see how MBS has been transformed and, while finishing touches were still being put in place, it already appears to be all set for the start of the Games on Thursday.

About 3,000 athletes and officials will be housed in 1,300 rooms, of which 390 have been retrofitted for greater convenience and accessibility of the occupants.

However, putting a roof over heads is only the tip of the iceberg. A medical centre will provide 24-hour assistance, the dining hall is expected to serve 14,000 meals, while four sports - goalball, five-a-side football, powerlifting and sailing - will take place at MBS.

In addition, a transport centre has been set up to facilitate travel to the Sports Hub, which will host 11 events.

After seeing the success of the 28th South-east Asia (SEA) Games in Singapore in June, chief of client services for the Singapore Asean Para Games Organising Committee (SAPGOC) Rostam Umar (above) insisted they were determined to put on an equally good show for the APG.

"The message we want to send across is that we want the Asean Para Games to be as good, if not better, than the SEA Games," said Rostam, who is also the mayor of the Games Village.

"After preparing in the last few months, we're very excited to now see all the different parts coming together.

"We are into the last leg of our preparations and there are just minor tweaks to be made here and there, but we will be 100 per cent ready for the Games."

Rostam also expressed confidence that they would be ready to overcome any potential obstacles that the Games might throw their way.

He added: "I think we cannot underestimate the challenges posed, but I believe we've given due consideration to all the potential complications that could arise.

"Bearing in mind there are no venues, or even things like transport, that are purpose-built to deal with 400 people with wheelchairs ... a lot of consideration had to be taken on board to cater to them.

"We've done our planning and we're comfortable that we have all grounds covered, and it's now about seeing what kind of adjustments we might have to make come actual Games time."

There has also been talk of heightened security at the Games, especially following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Last week, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, confirmed that security would be a top priority throughout the event.

When asked by The New Paper for an update on the situation, Rostam said: "We are always in consultation with SPF (Singapore Police Force) on what (measures) we have to put in place or if there needs to be more."



ACCESS: Lower sinks and showers are fitted in 390 rooms at MBS.


Marina Bay Sands lays claim to being the largest hotel in Singapore with 2,561 rooms and 1,300 of these will be home to Asean Para Games athletes and officials over the next fortnight.

To cater to athletes who are wheelchair users or require the assistance of care-givers, 390 rooms have been retrofitted to increase convenience. Many of the new fixtures are in the bathroom, including an emergency response button, handlebars and lowered sinks and showers for easier access.

Athletes and officials will also enjoy the hotel's facilities like swimming pool, gym and business centre.


ATTENTION: The 24-hour medical centre is located at Tower 3.


APG athletes and officials will be guaranteed round-the-clock medical assistance, with a whole level of rooms in MBS' Tower 3 having been converted into a medical centre.

Doctors will be on hand 24/7 to attend to any patients and work closely with a team of nurses to ensure any illness or injury is promptly and effectively treated.

An extensive array of medical equipment is on hand in the Medical Centre's many rooms, allowing various tests - blood samples, for example - to be carried out onsite.


EASE: Buses modified to accommodate up to three wheelchairs (above) and vans for the disabled athletes (below) are available at the transport centre.


With 11 of the 15 sports taking place at the Sports Hub, there will be plenty of travelling involved but all that will be taken care of at the transport centre.

Three of MBS' exhibition halls have been converted into the transportation hub, which is a stone's throw away from the Games Hall.

The 12 boarding bays will provide access to a total of 90 buses and vans plying between MBS and the Sports Hub.

Each of the vehicles has also been modified to accommodate up to three wheelchair users at any given time.




Apart from being the Games Village, MBS will also hosts four sports - goalball, five-a-side football, powerlifting and sailing.

No photographs of the arena were allowed as workers were applying the finishing touches in converting the exhibition halls into a sporting arena.

Nonetheless, the fields of play looked in good order - not dissimilar to those at the 28th SEA Games - and each arena will be able to hold 500 spectators at the very least.

source: http://www.tnp.sg/

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ASEAN Para Games displayed that sport volunteering is not something exclusive but it is inclusive and welcome to everyone including person with disability to give their best.


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The ASEAN Para Games kicked off on Thursday (Dec 3) with the opening ceremony. A total of 661 performers were involved, along with 174 volunteers, 120 motivators and 454 students who spent months preparing for the show.


More than 3,000 athletes and officials from around the region were present at the opening ceremony.


Singapore's President Tony Tan Keng Yam, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu and President of ASEAN Para Sports Federation Zainal Abu Zarin were present as well.

Team Singapore make their entrance at the ASEAN Para Games opening ceremony.


The show saw both able-bodied performers and the disabled working together to produce multiple movements. The aim of the show is to inspire and promote inclusiveness.

President Tony Tan Keng Yam arrives at the opening ceremony.


The show featured four movements celebrating the region's finest para athletes. It comprised performers from all walks of life, from a 15-year-old autistic dancer to a 78-year-old volunteer.



Singapore's first Paralympic gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu had the honour of lighting the cauldron as the ceremony drew to a close. Meanwhile, Team Singapore swimmer Benson Tan kicked off the torch relay at the ceremony.


"I am very honoured to be given these roles, and I feel it's a new step towards para sports in Singapore," said the swimmer. "With the ASEAN Para Games being held in Singapore, it's the first time where a lot of other Singaporeans will have so much exposure and awareness to this Games. As a para-athlete, training and competing for the last 10 years, it really warms my heart to know that Singaporeans are so supportive of this."

The cauldron being lit at the end of the opening ceremony.


The Games, which will be held from Dec 3 to 9, will feature 15 sports. It will be held mainly at the Singapore Sports Hub and Marina Bay Sands.

Swimmer Benson Tan begins the torch relay to light the ASEAN Para Games cauldron.



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