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IOC member from the Philippines, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski (who is a FB friend of mine) 'talks' about the Olympic channel on her latest FB post...


She is an equestrianne, 1st cousin of current Phil President Noynoy Aquino who will be hosting the APEC Summit next week -- so I don't know what she knows about Broadcasting matters. Another case of diletenttes in the IOC getting involved in matters they know little about.

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27 sports sign up to work with new Olympic Channel

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) -- The IOC has reached agreement with 27 international sports federations to work together on the new Olympic Channel.

IOC President Thomas Bach says the launch date of the digital channel will be announced ''in the coming weeks.''

The International Olympic Committee says the 27 sports federations will ''collaborate on content'' for the channel, which will operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Bach says the channel ''will mark a major shift in how the Olympic movement connects with young people all year round.''

Among the major sports signed up are swimming (FINA), basketball (FIBA), tennis (ITF), gymnastics (FIG), skiing (FIS) and hockey (IIHF). Among those not included are soccer (FIFA) and track and field (IAAF), which already have their own global TV rights deals.

The channel will broadcast live sports, news and historic Olympic footage.


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Olympic Channel to launch on 21 August 2016



New digital-first platform will be available anytime, anywhere and on any device, at the conclusion of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 
Official Olympic Channel social media handles and olympicchannel.com pre-launch site now live

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced the launch date for its ground-breaking new media destination, the Olympic Channel, where fans can experience the power of sport and the Olympic Movement all year round. Starting Sunday 21 August, after the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the Olympic Channel platform will be available worldwide via a mobile app for Android and iOS devices and at olympicchannel.com

In addition, athletes and fans can follow the Olympic Channel on its newly launched social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and sign up for Olympic Channel updates at olympicchannel.com

IOC President Thomas Bach said: “The launch of the Olympic Channel on 21st August is the start of an exciting new journey to connect the worldwide audience with the Olympic Movement all year round. Fans will be able to follow sports, athletes and the stories behind the Olympic Games. The Olympic Channel will inspire us all and reach out to new generations of athletes and fans.”

With the goal of providing a new way to engage young people, fans and new audiences in the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Channel is a free platform that will present original programming, live sports events, news and highlights offering additional exposure for sports and athletes all year round. Olympic Channel original programming will include both short-form and long-form content, focusing on elite athletes, their quest for success and sport around the world.  

Designed for a global audience, the Olympic Channel digital platform will showcase content from around the world, and will initially be offered in English. Additional features at launch will include fantastic content as video on demand, as well as individual sport pages within a user-friendly and mobile-responsive interface, subtitled in nine different languages.

The Olympic Channel includes an option to register for a richer and more personalised experience, where users can follow their favourite athletes, teams, sports and countries to receive an individually-tailored content selection. The dynamic environment also allows videos to be easily shared across social media, and encourages users to regularly interact with the Olympic Movement.

After the launch of the global digital product in August, the Olympic Channel intends to foster partnerships with other Olympic stakeholders, including rights-holding broadcasters and National Olympic Committees to develop localised versions of the Olympic Channel. Localised versions will offer language-specific user experiences on digital platforms, and will also include linear television programming options.




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Worldwide TOP Partner Toyota becomes Founding Partner of Olympic Channel



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that Worldwide Olympic Partner Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has become a Founding Partner of the Olympic Channel.

“We are delighted that Toyota, our newest Worldwide TOP Partner, will also support the Olympic Channel as a Founding Partner,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “We look forward to strengthening our partnership through the Olympic Channel.”

The Olympic Channel is a new, groundbreaking digital platform, where fans can experience the power of sport and the Olympic Movement all year round, which will launch worldwide on Sunday 21 August following the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

The Founding Partner agreement has a four-year term extending through to the end of 2020. Through the Olympic Channel Founding Partner relationship, Toyota will receive exclusive advertising opportunities and will work with the Olympic Channel team to co-develop inspiring and exciting content. Toyota joins fellow Founding Partner Bridgestone in supporting the development of the Olympic Channel to put content into the hands of fans anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The IOC announced Toyota as a Worldwide TOP Partner in 2015. As a TOP Partner, Toyota will support the organisers of future Olympic Games, the IOC and National Olympic Committees and their Olympic teams around the world. In line with Olympic Agenda 2020, with sustainability as one of its key pillars, Toyota will work with the Organising Committees through to 2024 to provide sustainable mobility solutions for the Games to help with safer, more efficient mobility, including intelligent transport systems, urban traffic systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems. The partnership will help deliver a mobility legacy in the host cities and countries.






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5 minutes ago, texsportpub said:

Is the Olympic Channel up as of yet? All I get is an error on my computer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Not yet.. It's all error for me..

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15 hours ago, A-Money1983 said:

I have 10 years of TV experience, and can pretty much do a dissertation on all-things Olympics. I just wish there was an opening here in the US.  I checked their Web site, and it appears all are their jobs require a move to Madrid.

I'd make that move! It's a beautiful city, and the men! Woof!

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IOC, USOC and NBCUNIVERSAL announce Olympic Channel partnership in the United States

New Linear Olympic Channel in the U.S. Devoted to Olympic Sports, Athletes and Stories to Launch in Second Half of 2017

Partnership Includes Significant Commitment of Olympic Sports Programming Hours on NBC & NBCSN


In a ground-breaking collaboration to connect fans to the Olympic Movement all year round, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and NBCUniversal have created a comprehensive Olympic Channel content and distribution partnership in the United States, all three parties announced today.

During the second half of 2017, the partnership will launch a new U.S. television network under the “Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA” brand that will offer fans year-round Olympic-sport programming from around the world, with an emphasis on their favourite American athletes and teams. The new partnership complements the Olympic Channel, which launched as a worldwide digital platform following the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Additional details about the launch of the new linear cable channel will be provided at a later date.

Along with the Channel, the partnership also brings additional coverage of Olympic sports programmes that will appear exclusively on other NBCU platforms – including NBC, NBCSN and NBC Sports Digital outlets. The first such coverage begins this Saturday, 17 December, with the Team USA Winter Champions Series.

The three organisations will collaborate to produce and distribute Olympic sports and Olympic-themed programming on a year-round basis between the Games, providing continuity that reflects the idea that, even though the Olympic flame is extinguished at the end of each edition of Games, the athletes’ own compelling stories and journeys continue.

The collaborative programming will emphasise live events from a broad portfolio of summer and winter Olympic sports. It will also include Olympic-themed original content produced by all three parties, such as original programmes produced by filmmakers from around the world commissioned by the global Olympic Channel; rich archival footage from the IOC and NBCU’s library of Olympic features and documentaries; and original Team USA programming contributed by the USOC.

 “Through this exciting new partnership with the USOC and NBCUniversal, we will ensure that U.S. audiences are more closely connected with the Olympic Movement through a more personalised experience,” said Mark Parkman, General Manager of the Olympic Channel. “The evolution of the Olympic Channel in the United States is a significant milestone as we expand our distribution options across the globe in conjunction with our broadcast and National Olympic Committee partners. Placing a spotlight on Olympic sports outside the Games themselves will ultimately bring them more deserved attention and help them grow.”

“The launch of the ‘Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA’ partnership marks an exciting opportunity to promote and celebrate Olympic and Paralympic sport year-round,” said Scott Blackmun, USOC CEO. “Additionally, launching in conjunction with the inaugural Team USA Winter Champions Series broadcast is a great way to serve the fastest-growing fan base in American sports.”

“This is wonderful news for fans of Olympic athletes and Olympic sports, and we’re proud to partner with the IOC and USOC to bring the vision of the Olympic Channel to life in the United States,” said Gary Zenkel, President, NBC Olympics. “The Olympic Channel partnership will provide multiple, year-round platforms to highlight the incredible achievements and inspiring stories of Olympic athletes and the Olympic values they represent, including a full-time home for Olympic sports when we launch the new linear channel in 2017.”

Following the launch of the global digital product and in partnership with rights-holding broadcast partners and National Olympic Committees, the Olympic Channel is developing localised versions, which will offer region- and language-specific user experiences on linear and digital platforms in certain territories, leading to more personalised experiences for Olympic fans around the world.




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