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Hello there!,

First, let me introduce myself, My name is Sabin, I come from Onesti, Romania. Growing up, I was very interested in gymnastics (mainly the women's) Romania is actually a large gymnastics nation (Nadia came from Onesti!) Anyway, I started this topic so I could discuss the many scandals and robberies that have taken place in gymnastics events at the Olympics, I will be mainly focussing on the women's side but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to ask and I would love to study them, here's the first of many -

Andreea Raducan being stripped of her 2000 All-Around Gold -

In 2000, Romania made history by winning their first ever team gold medal in women's gymnastics. Not only that, they again made history when all three of their gymnasts (Maria Olaru, Simona Amanar & Andreea Raducan) swept the All-Around Podium at the Sydney Games. However, soon after her historic win, Raducan was stripped of her All-Around Gold when she was found to test positive for Pseudoephedrine. Raducan and her Coaches stated that she was given the substance in the form of 2 cold pills by team physician and that she had no idea that the substance was in them. They did not affect her performance either since the substance she took was supposed to make her dizzy. Her teammate, Simona Amanar (Who won Silver in the All-Around) had also taken the substance (Again, without her knowledge) but since she was older and taller than Raducan, it did not affect her. Many Romanians (Including 1976 AA Champion Nadia Comaneci) Went against the IOC's decision and demanded the medal should be given back to Raducan, But the IOC Refused to do so. This all lead to Amanar being promoted to Gold Medal position, Olaru upgraded to Silver and China's Liu Xuan was given the Bronze. All 3 refused a formal Ceremony after the Medals was re-handed out, It is also said that Amanar returned the Medal to Raducan after the Games. A few years later the substance Raducan had taken was UNBANNED which I think is injustice to Andreea meaning she should be Re-Instated as Olympic All-Around Champion of 2000. I believe Andreea should be given her title back, No matter how long ago it was, it was injustice to her. If the IOC care about doping to a point where they would strip someone who didn't even know she was taking a substance that was banned, Why haven't they stripped the GDR of their 1988 Olympic Team Bronze when Dagmar Kersten ADMITTED to taking drugs without her knowledge?

Up Next - USA's .5 Deduction Allowing The GDR To Take Team Bronze.

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