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Pyeongchang 2018 Look of the Games

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Those ones you posted are from this website: https://www.hellopyeongchang.com/en/index

Apparently its a branding for "Hello Pyeongchang", a series of test events which will be held through the year to prepare the city for the Winter games. More detailed info about the look is here: https://www.hellopyeongchang.com/en/hellopc/look/staticcontents?menuId=311

My guess is this is a separate brand for the test events. We're not sure yet if this will be the one for the actual games, though it could give us more insight of what they plan to do. 

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11 hours ago, intoronto said:







intoronto, do you have the source? :) Though this confirms my assumption about the Hangul theme for the whole brand. 

It's very simplistic, but at the same pleasant. Sochi brand was nice but I thought it felt a bit overdone/saturated. I just hope they apply the brand properly (Rio was an example of having a good brand then ruining its perception by applying it poorly at some venues)

For a change, i'm also kind of glad they are not using a curve theme once again, since it felt repetitive after a while.

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2 hours ago, intoronto said:

PM me @Ikarus360

It's telling me you can't receive messages for some reason. :wacko:

Also, they recently erected a large "Tree of Life" in Pyeongchang. 








The Forestry Association has unveiled the nation's largest tree of life, which is hoping to host the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games.

The Organizing Committee (Chairman Lee Hee-bum) said on November 11, "The Forestry Association (Central Chairman Lee Seok-hyeong), which belongs to 400,000 members of the nation, will visit the center of the Yongdong Expressway, 33m, the maximum width of 21m 'Tree of Life' lighting ceremony, "he said.

The ceremony included Lee Hee-bum, the chairman of the organizing committee, Mr. Hyun-soo Lee, a member of the National Assembly, Shin Won-seok, the vice-governor of Gangwon-do, A woman attended.

The lighting ceremony was held at the "Tree of Life", which was held for eight months from May last year, with the hope of forest union members and forestry workers who want the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games to be held as an environmental Olympic event, and about 400,000 LEDs .

In particular, the Yeongdong Expressway with the 'Tree of Life' is located at a higher level than the Yeongdong Expressway and has an optimal visibility for the day. The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games It is expected to play a big role in public relations.

Lee Hee-bum, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, said, "I sincerely appreciate the interest and cooperation of the forestry association in order to wish for the environment Olympic Games and the successful hosting of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics." "Tree of Life" It will be a symbol of our goal to open up new horizons. "

"As the Winter Olympic Games are held in Gangwon province of the world forest, Lee Seok-hyeong, the chairman of the Korea Forestry Association, said," We hope that the Olympic Games will be held in the green environment as well as spreading the public interest and support culture for the PyeongChang Olympic Games through the ceremony. The union will continue to be interested and will join. "

Meanwhile, Yeoju City, which is located in Gyeonggi Province, where the 'Tree of Life' is installed, is a forward base for forestry industry and forestry in Korea, where the Forest Products Distribution Center, Forest Products Information Distribution Center, Central Wood Distribution Center and Forest Mushroom Research Center are located.

Forestry associations, which consist of 142 regional associations and 400,000 union members nationwide, are involved in the "Chisan Greening" and "Sustainable Forest Management" to protect the mountains by planting our forests, The cooperative provided the green forest to the people. In 2007, it donated the contribution of the union members in order to attract the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.


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On 14/01/2017 at 6:42 PM, Ikarus360 said:

Remind me- how many ancient trees were felled to create the 2018 Olympic ski-run ?

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At last, the official look is announced (even though we already saw most of it on the previous months). Had a feel they would finally release it once the One Year to go countdown rolled out (Vancouver did the same back in 2009 if I remember right).

They should be unveiling the torch and route as well later during the day. Btw they also changed the Website design



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Looks like they're going to pick the official posters for the games very soon



(Seoul = Yonhap News) Lee, Woong-joo = The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Organizing Committee will publicize the '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics · Paralympic Games Art Poster' to promote the Olympics in an artistic way and to inform the cultural level and artistic level of Korea.do.

The contest period is from May 2 to July 31, and can be attended by artists from various fields, including design and art. For more information, please visit the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics website (www.PyeongChang2018.com). On the 18th, the public exhibition briefing session will be held at the Seoul Museum of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.


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Inspired by Korean alphabet, medals for PyeongChang Winter Olympics unveiled


SEOUL, Sept. 21 (Yonhap) -- Medals to be awarded at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics were unveiled Thursday, with the Korean alphabet hangeul as their motif.

Presented at a ceremony simultaneously held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with President Moon Jae-in in attendance, gold, silver and bronze medals, designed by local industrial designer Lee Suk-woo, feature hangeul consonants on their bodies.

Those consonants are "ㅍ, ㅊ, ㄷ, ㅇ, ㄱ, ㄹ, ㅁ," representing the Korean words for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. They were written and stretched in 3-D and formed together in a cylinder shape.

PyeongChang's organizing committee said the medals were also inspired by the texture of tree trunks, as trees represent the work put into developing Korean culture and the Olympic Games.

"Hangeul is the foundation and the soul of Korean culture," PyeongChang's organizing committee said. "Hangeul is considered the seed that eventually blossoms and bears fruit, which symbolize Korean culture. The trunk is the process of that development."

   PyeongChang said the process also resembles efforts of athletes preparing for the quadrennial competition.

Each medal is 92.5 millimeters wide, 109 mm long, and between 4.4 mm and 9.42 mm thick.

PyeongChang also presented the medal lanyard, which has snowflake patterns embroidered on "Gapsa," a type of cloth used to make the traditional Korean costume hanbok. Light teal and light red were used in consistency with the look of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The words "PyeongChang 2018" and the five Olympic rings are embroidered on the Gapsa lanyard.

The curved pattern of the medal case was inspired by the Korean traditional architecture, PyeongChang said.


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6 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

I think it was the SLC medals that were rated the best by the Aussie winter athletes - they liked how solid and heavy they were.  The PC ones look similar size wise.

Looking at Wikipedia, it seems there is now a tradition of Winter medals being bigger than Summer- and 2018's will not be as big as Sochi's. SLC's somehow managed to be significantly smaller than the modern average at 85mm wide, yet still very heavy: well over half a kilogram.

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