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Where all the Torches for Greece went...now on sale.

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Just got notice that a major Greek Olympic Memorabilia collection is up for auction-sale. Ever wondered where all those torches the HOC ask for whenever a Lighting of the Flame is scheduled? Here's the first wave. Apparently, the Greek economy is so bad that a major Greek official (or family with connections to the HOC) is selling all its torches.


A whole collection of the Summer Torches (minus Helsinki) is available for $115,000 and your first born!! But the most expensive individually is an Albertville torch, and its original box, for $44K. A black Mexico City torch is going for $2,400. A Barcelona torch is going only for $4,800.

Cheapest are the Torino and Vancouver torches (at $1,200 each) + the YOG torches. A used London 2012 is going for $2K. Many other good stuff.

If the link above doesn't work; and you're not on my sh*t list, you can PM me for the link. I got it only on my email. Auction ends November 21, 2015. Help the Greek economy and their being overrun by all the Middle Eastern refugees!! Now's your chance to be truly Olympic and go into deep debt, guys! Of course, I will collect my 20% for each purchase via you!! LOL!!

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