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Citius Altius Fortius

WWI, Czechia, United Kingdom and the Hamburg bid for 2024

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It sounds strange, but there will be negotiations next week between Hamburg and Czechia, due WWI and the 2024 bid.

In the peace treaty of Versailles it is fixed that Germany has to give Czechia open access to the sea and has to loan harbour faciliites until 2028...

Germany and Czechoslovakia agreed on a part of the Hamburg harbour in 1929 - the planned Olympic Park would restrain the accessibility of the Czech part of the harbour. Czechia hasn't used it for years anymore, but is interested to resurrect it.

Therefore Hamburg offered Czechia another part of the harbour and Czechia is very interested to loan the new part from 2028 for another 50 years...

In the treaty of Versailles it is mentioned that United Kingdom has to be involved in 'territorial' questions until 2028...

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Maybe it is time to remember that the famous document from 1189 signed by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, in which Hamburg merchants are granted freedom from customs duties for ships sailing the Elbe from Hamburg to the North Sea is actually a fake... not sure what this means in legal terms for the multinational negotiations regarding the to-be olympic distrinct in the harbour...

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