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RWC 2015: The Team(s) You Fear The Most


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:ph34r: Oh No!!!

Every top tier team in the 2015 edition has a team or in the case of the All Blacks, teams, they fear the most to unexpectedly knock them out of the tournament in the Quarters and Semi Finals.

Go on - tell us who your team is and who you fear will be your homeside's Grim Reaper. :unsure:

I'll go first -

Home Side: New Zealand

Grim Reaper: actually two teams I fear the most, our Tasman brothers, Australia. They've done it twice...and they are hitting form right now, most dangerous.

And the ultimate F Word in NZ Rugby - FRANCE! - Totally and unexpectedly derailed the All Black express in humiliating fashion in 1999 and then did it all again in 2007 inflicting the earliest exit for the ABs. To round it all up, came within a point of destroying NZ rugby dominance once and for all four years ago - No SH!T, I've NEVER watched a replay of the 2011 final. Just can't....

If we encounter England or Ireland, not so much...But hey its RWC!

There, that wasn't so bad. :wacko:

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