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Calgary 2026


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....in my opinion and experience Canadian management-style has a pervasive problem with overly strict concern about levels of personal and institutional authority juxtaposed with and an obsessive culture of being inclusive which results in an ineffective mess.

Indigenous leaders want more than ‘token’ input on Calgary’s 2026 Olympic bid

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13 minutes ago, paul said:


City councilor tweeting from inside council’s closed session with optimism that the bid and plebiscite are still going ahead.

Did you read the ‘tweets’ that followed, though? Lmfao :lol: Even if council votes yet again to continue with the bid, looks like the referendum will fall flat on it’s face if those ‘tweets’ are anything to go by lol

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8 minutes ago, RuFF said:

10 of 14 dissenting votes are required tomorrow. I’m going to guess it will go on because what’s the Olympics if not a  circus. Continuing would further the assertion. https://www.insidethegames.biz/index.php/articles/1071676/committee-recommends-terminating-calgary-2026-bid-with-city-council-set-to-vote

...Oh wow did ya read those quotes from Bach noted at the end of that article....especially the ones about Calgary!!? What a punk he is.

IOC President Thomas Bach, speaking earlier today, claimed he would not speculate on the race but stated that discussions remained ongoing with Calgary, Stockholm and Milan/Cortina.

“We are working with these three cities and countries,” he said.

“In Sweden there have just been elections, which has led to discussions about forming a coalition.

“An Olympic candidature, which would mean hosting Games eight years from now, is not enjoying the top priority of these negotiations.

“You know what kind of thing can happen in these negotiations when it comes to trading.

“Our Swedish friends are speaking with the Government and are optimistic, this is ongoing.

“In Calgary it is about money.

“They sit in a closed room now for a third consecutive day.

“They can make their political fights over who is ready to contribute to support the modernisation of Calgary.

“We wait for the outcome.

“We will continue this procedure.”

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Well, this bolsters Salt Lake's case for 2030.  It's down to Sweden & Italy at this point. 

Gunilla Lindberg wants to make a Stockholm 2026 her swan song with the IOC (and she secretly has the IOC Executive Board's support with her on this).  But at the same time, there are 3 IOC members from Italy, plus I think 4 or 5 IFs (not all winter though) are headed by Italians, so collectively, they can also pull as a team.  Am sure the IOC is pulling all the strings they now can in Rome and Stockholm -- as they have always wanted to bring 2026 back to Europe.  Might they also lean on Oslo-Lillehammer now as well?  

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29 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

Well, this bolsters Salt Lake's case for 2030.  It's down to Sweden & Italy at this point. 

Might they also lean on Oslo-Lillehammer now as well?  

Yeah, I agree. If the IOC miraculously manages to get Stockholm or Milan for 2026, I can see them giving SLC 2030. Why not. They’ll have Europe for 2026 already (which is what they really want anyway), & then North America without the bad PR of another debacle of a bid process. 

And you’re right, with both Sweden & Italy both having prominent IOC members, who knows what can really be going on behind the scenes, especially with Calgary on the verge of collapse. As for Oslo, that would have to take both Stockholm & Milan dropping out first I would say, before they approached the Norwegians.

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Posted on CBC a short while ago:

CBC News:  Federal, provincial governments reach agreement on funding proposal for Calgary 2026 Olympic bid


The announcement came late on the same day a recommendation came forward to cancel the bid

Sarah Rieger · CBC News · Posted: Oct 30, 2018 10:17 PM MT | Last Updated: 6 minutes ago


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I suspect council will (once again) probably give the green light later today then. At this point, the referendum is only less than two weeks away. So they’ll probably just say to themselves - ‘let the people reject the Games then, so we don’t have to. That way, we can’t get blamed for anything that happens after that’.

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8 hours ago, SkiFreak said:

..here are the first 10 comments on this article....I didn't see ONE single positive comment:

-Really? The olympics has lost it's sheen. A big taxpayer pay out for little return and a product on the field that, in all probability, is tainted with some form of enhancement technology.

-Let the people/private investors/... who want it, back it up with THEIR money, and NOT Taxpayers' money.

-Given that it's Halloween, I hope City Council does the right thing and puts a stake in the heart of this debacle and gets on to taking care of things that are of real importance.

-Nobody wants this! Hopefully council will come to its senses today.

-If this is such a sweet deal and Mary Moran, the Bid Committee, supporting Councillors and those pushing for this are so confidant in the "numbers" are they prepared to personally Guarantee an cost overruns?

-Billions of dollars for a 3-week party to watch an international competition of people doing their best Lance Armstrong impersonation in honour of Big Pharma.

-Please reject this new bid, the tax payers cannot take higher taxes to pay for all of this egregious spending. We are still saving up to pay for Adrienne Clarksons pension and fancy office renovations in retirement. Oh that and you know things like food and clothing. This will not be a net sum benefit for those who are paying for it (those employed by the private sector).

-I'm sure Alberta's low income single mothers, vets and seniors will welcome this wonderful pretentious display........

-Ask a mathematician, what is 2 + 2? Ans.: 4........Ask an accountant what is 2 + 2? Ans.: What do you want it to be?.......Looks like Calgary City Council asked the accountant.

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1 hour ago, RuFF said:

But the mayor and Mary Moran, which are both tasked with presenting the public with an unbiased view, are biased and pretty much in line with promoting the bid and moving it forward. 

Lmfao - that’s so ironic coming from you. 

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