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European Games Logo Comp - Final Round Vote

European Games Logo Comp  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Logo Should Win the Inaugural GamesBids European Games Logo Comp?

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As Rols says, here we go. Welcome to the final, you know how to vote so here's the other stuff:

Voting will close on SUNDAY AT 12PM UK TIME with results announcement soon after.

As there are only 2, the logo with most votes will win, unless there is a tie, in which case I have the casting vote. As this is the final, I will not vote unless required to solve a tie.

Good luck to NZL & Woohoo, happy voting & may the best logo win! :)

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i like B a lot, the colors are so cute but decided to pick A cuz i like the font and the flag thing is a clever tie in with the architecture and the colors are simple....and nice blue color.

i agree, but i picked B, even though i'm sick to death of logos that consist of the first letter of the city's name.

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After a long & hard competition, we now have our first ever GB European Games logo champion. Before revealing who it is, I would like to congratulate everyone brave enough to put their ideas to the famously discerning GB voting public, & thank everyone who voted & helped decide the winner. Extra thanks to Sir Rols, without your polls & general advice this couldn't have happened.

So, after a tight & exciting final, I can announce that the winner of this Gamesbids European Games logo competition is...

Logo A - NZL, with Helsinki 2019!


Congratulations to NZL for taking the title, & commiserations to Woohoo for a narrow loss, the final round results were as follows:

A: 10 votes

B: 9 votes

(Unfortunately Flickr doesn't want to play ball with letting me paste anything - but you all know which logo it is :P)

So a thrilling climax - I hope you enjoyed the competition as much as I did. For now, this is yoshi signing off :)

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