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Yunnan: a protential site for the next Chinese Winter Olympic bid

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Let me propose an interesting and very feasible site for winter olympic in China, apart from the Ice City Harbin.

This is Yunnan, one of the southmost province in China. Here is the location.


At the north of Yunnan, there is some very good skiing resorts. For example the Yulong skiing resort:




The provincial capital of Yunnan is Kunming, which is a modern city famous for its good weather in China.


And, the most interesting point is, Yunnan is a place with both snow mountain and topical rain forest. the southern part of Yunnan is very similar to Southeast Asian counties in particlar Thailand.




Therefore, it would be very possible to let a southern Yunnan city in Sipsong Panna (Tai language: ᦈᦹᧈᦈᦹᧈᦋᦵᦲᧁᦘᦱᦉᦱᦑᦺ᧑᧒ᦗᧃᦓᦱ) to host one or two Winter Olympic events. Curling would be a good choice.

Then you can enjoy the winter olympic in a very lovely Thailand-like environment! You will see elephant dance and monk chanting under the coconut tress during the opening ceremony of a winter olympic!

And this is not a joke at all!

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