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Non-Olympics logos that would otherwise make great Olympic emblems.

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Have you ever come across the logo of a company, organization, or office that made you think, "Heh, that would make a great Olympic logo"?

For those who have participated in the logo design comps, what about those logos that have inspired you?

This post was inspired by drawing the similarity of the Tokyo 2020 emblem with the Théâtre de Liège logo.

Share those designs that you've come across and tell us why you think they'd make a good games logo for any particular city or time.

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I don't see how that works as a Paralympic logo. It doesn't say anything to me that it's for Handicapped competition. (Sorry for this late comment but as I said in its initial appearance w/ the Oly logo, I just completely ignored it. But take away the Oly logo, and the dumb thing doesn't mean anything.)

Baron being blatantly offensive, never would of thought it!
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I'm surprised that the IOC hasn't yet taken action against that furniture company.

Shining Batu looks great!

Is Shining Batu a brand of feminine hygiene product?

The Olympic furniture logo is reserved so I'm not sure how IOC could take action against that logo and Shining Batu is actually a tourism campaign for Batu city which is nearby my hometown...
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