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128th IOC Session Olympic Bid Live Chat - Discuss 2020 YOG and 2022 Olympic Games Bid presentations here

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I have to say, Almaty 2022 bid pre is a beautiful red apple full of poison.. :P:D


wasnt Beijing difficult to deal with in 2008?

Yes - so why not give them this & get them outta the way so the IOC doesn't have to deal with the prospect of them trying to get another Summer Olympics in 2028 or 2032.

People up there in Harbin totally want Beijing to fail so they can bid next time I guess. 2030 is probably available for Asia.

What if the Chinese concentrate on getting another Summer Olympics instead for 2028 or 2032 if they don't get 2022. I think that's what they'd do instead of trying for 2030 with Harbin.

Plus, Harbin is really, really cold in the winter. I know I've read some people say, but the Winter Olympics are suppose to be COLD. Easy for them to say when they're not standing in blistering cold weather for long periods of time watching &/or competiting in the outdoor events.

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They're role models who aren't taken care of after they win their medals. Some have been found to be living in poverty. Also they don't even celebrate their wins. When the women's gymnastics team won gold in Beijing, nothing special was done for them. No banner no nothing was hanging on their training grounds.

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Ok the dumpling-as-puck warmed my Canadian heart. And Li Nina and Yang Yan (a) both did well. But still there's nothing fresh about this at all.

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