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128th IOC Session Olympic Bid Live Chat - Discuss 2020 YOG and 2022 Olympic Games Bid presentations here

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Here's a question. Would Almaty had won if they offered more "jokes" at their expense? Would a cameo by fictional character Borat boost their image? Would his remarks to support the Almaty Olympic Winter Games been on IOC voters' minds? Or would it have made the whole Almaty presentation seem childish?

Actually, they could have asked Sacha Baron Cohen to maybe appear and then in all seriousness, extol the praises of Almaty and the bid. That would have given the bid an extra dimension and like there would've been a scene of one party sort of making amends for hurt inflicted on Kazahkstan and then the Kazakhs forgiving him and embracing SBC as their own. But we;ll never know, will we???

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I don't think you'll see anything moved to Harbin especially the alpine events. Wasn't one of the reasons for the IOC rejecting Harbin's 2010 bid because the alpine events would've been held at a ski resort that is a bit too close to North Korea and in disputed territory? Rather, I would think the IOC would move the ski jumping and or bobsleigh competitions to somewhere else (Pyeongchang?) Both the ski jump and the bobsleigh track have proven to largely be white elephant venues.



It is closer to Russia than North Korea.

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Given the number of young, attractive, diverse, and athletic people that were chosen for the Almaty presentation videos, it is pretty clear that they are trying to shake off the unfortunate Borat brand that has been applied to Kazakhstan. Sure, adding SBC to the presentation might attract some entertainment press, a few frat boy giggles, and another question or two from Prince Albert, but I don't think the IOC would have appreciated it.

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