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Rio's torch is eating London's

2018 torch is like the son of London and Rios torches...

My pleasure! 

Not on the official website yet but looks like we have the design of the torch




 평창 성화봉/사진=평창조직위

[한국스포츠경제 정재호] 2018 평창 동계 올림픽 조직위원회(조직위)가 성화봉을 공개했다.

평창 성화봉은 한국의 전통 백자를 모티브로 꺼지지 않는 불꽃을 상징한다는 게 조직위의 설명이다.


평창 조직위는 9일 강원도 강릉의 강릉하키센터 3층 VIP라운지에서 열린 2018 평창동계올림픽 G-1년 언론 설명회에서 평창성화 봉송에 사용될 성화봉을 처음 공개했다.


이날 선보인 성화봉은 올림픽 개최지인 평창의 해발 700m 고도를 상징하는 700㎜의 높이에 우리나라 겨울철 강풍과 폭설 등 날씨를 고려해 다양한 환경에서도 꺼지지 않는 불꽃을 유지하도록 제작됐다.


성화봉은 4개의 분리된 격벽으로 만들진 게 특징이다. 바람이 불면 성화봉 불꽃이 격벽 반대 방향의 산소원 쪽으로 이동하게 돼 불꽃이 꺼지지 않도록 했다.



정재호 기자 kemp@sporbiz.co.kr[한국스포츠경제 관련기사]

송가연 진실공방 “19살부터 男선수와...” 소속사 폭로

이용대-변수미, 스캔들부터 결혼까지 '수영장 셀카 논란' 재조명

‘라스’ 박경혜 “연예인 캐스팅 받는 예쁜 언니 때문에...”


Also this tweet from Aroundtherings account



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Torchbearer Uniforms



Yuna Kim during the presentation of the Torch



Also while the website doesn't say it, the torch was also apparently inspired by Joseon white porcelain according to korean articles.


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My thoughts exactly. Also it kind of looks like the YOG torch.


You can tell they wanted to play it safe, specially after all the critics Sochi torch got back in the day (both design and how it worked). 

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So the torch will arrive first to Incheon, huh? I thought the route would begin in Seoul, and its actually one of the final stops before the torch goes to the Gwangju province.

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4 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

So the torch will arrive first to Incheon, huh? I thought the route would begin in Seoul, and its actually one of the final stops before the torch goes to the Gwangju province.

The whole torch route approach seems to be "Why be logical when being silly is so much fun?"

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43 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

Highlights of the Test Event of the torch relay, alongside the theme song of the relay "Let Everyone Shine"


Out in the open air, the white casing seems to detract from the look of the metallic core. Also, it looks as if they've tried lighting some of them, and the white casing has the same problem with soot round the rim as the Rio ones.

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After all the crap Sochi torch got, you can tell they preferred playing it safe design wise with it. I agree it doesn't look very memorable design wise, but hopefully the cauldron lightning would make up for it. One can hope.

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Actress Katerina Lehou will be the Priestess for this year Olympia ceremony, reprising her role from last year in Rio 2016. 





From the Temple of Hera in Ancient Olympia begins the journey of the Sacred Flame for the Winter Olympics "Pyeongchang 2018". The touch ceremony will take place on Tuesday, October 24th, with the preparations being feverish.

From Sunday afternoon, the priests who will participate in the ceremony, choreographers inspired and directed by Choreographer Artemis Ignatios, in the musical composition of Yiannis Psimas.

Rehearsals are daily and long-lasting, as the result must be perfect, as appropriate at the sacred moment of the touch of the Olympic Flame, which will "travel" the world, hand-to-hand, "carrying" messages of peace and fellowship peoples.

Those who visited the archaeological site of Olympia yesterday morning - but also Sunday afternoon - stopped shortly to watch the rehearsals of the girls, choreographed - even without the costumes of the ceremony - to be impressive by those found there.

The group of priests will be "completed" until Thursday (some members have not yet reached Olympia because of their other obligations) and until that time the whole choreography, which is completed on the slope Ancient Stadios, just before the entrance of the Pretoria (and this time it will be Katerina Lechou) at the Ancient Stadium, in order to light the altar and give the flame to the first Torchbearer.


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Apostolos Angelis will be the first torchbearer (for the Greek leg, that is)




Greek cross-country skier Apostolos Angelis, 24, will be the first Torchbearer when the Relay from Ancient Olympia to Pyeongchang begins next Tuesday (October 24).

He will receive the flame from High Priestess Katerina Lehou, a Greek actress who was also responsible for the Rio 2016 lighting ceremony.

Angelis, from Ioaninna, is a member of the Metsovo Ski Club. 

He is Balkan champion and set to compete in his second Winter Olympics after placing 74th in the sprint at Sochi 2014.

He is the first Nordic skier to launch an Olympic Torch Relay since his club-mate and four-time Olympian Lefteris Farfalis did so at the start of the Relay to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Games.

Nordic skiers have been prominent since the very first winter Relay in 1952 when Eigil Nansen lit the cauldron in Oslo.

In 1984, Ivo Carman skied into Sarajevo’s Kosovo Stadium accompanied by an escort and in 2006 the gold medal winning Italian cross-country ski team carried it in the stadium before double gold medallist Stefania Belmondo lit the cauldron.

Next week’s ceremony has been scheduled to start at high noon local time, though timings could alter depending on the weather forecast.

In 2008, the ceremony was rescheduled for an earlier time at short notice when organisers became aware of an approaching storm.

By tradition, the flame is lit from the rays of the sun using a special parabolic bowl. 

This ritual is perfomed against a backdrop of the ruins of the Temple of Hera. 

The flames lit during the final days of rehearsal are kept on standby, just in case cloudy skies should obscure the sun at an inopportune moment. 

Map of the Greek leg of the torch relay.


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With less than 24 hours for the Lightning Ceremony in Olympia, lets review the last 4 previous ceremonies for the Winter games


Salt Lake City 2002


Torino 2006


Vancouver 2010


Sochi 2014


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