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PyeongChang 2018 Torch

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But tacos taste better than torches. As far as I know. I mean I could put cheese on a torch but then you still have all that metal and gas. No. No. I stand by my comments. Tacos are better than torches taste wise.

Of course you can't light a cauldron with a taco. UNLESS you dip it in petrol first and then light it and throw it. However then you are wasting the taco. Sigh.


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Can anybody recommend an authentic Korean taco filling?

Korean Tacos are so in right now, at least on the west coast. Kalbi Beef or Bulgogi beef make great fillings.

Rio Has An Olympic Torch For Next Year And The Torch Was Designed By Chelles & Hayashi of Sao Paulo.

We Don't Know Which Agency Will Design The PyeongChang 2018 Torch.

Then your thread might be 2 years too soon. I'll check back in 2017.

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I have the right to call you what I want to.

You're are a troll. 100% percent troll.

You are not the boss of us and everyone here has the right to call you stuff and put up stupid posts because everyone hates you and you're stupid as ****!

Now just leave and never come back. Or else.

How does it feel to be threatened by someone you threatened yourself? Because I feel hurt now that you've done it.

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Not sure if someone posted this before yet but apparently they were gathering ideas for the Torch Relay from their official website. The winners will get prizes such as 1.000.000 KRW -300.000 KRW, merchandise and/or becoming torchbearers or joining the Korean delegation in Olympia next year for the start of the relay.



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Winners of ’OPEN! Mission Relay’ contest announced

28 September 2016

Winners of ’OPEN! Mission Relay’ contest announced



PyeongChang, September 27 – The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) announced 19 winners of the torch relay idea contest, ‘OPEN! Mission Relay’ on September 27.



‘OPEN! Mission Relay’ is a worldwide open contest to find ideas for the PyeongChang 2018 Torch Relay in four categories: potential torch relay routes, torchbearers, mode of transportation, and creative contents in promoting the Games.



The contest was expanded to the general public and students. 2,665 ideas were submitted and 19 out of 41 ideas were selected as winners with the most popular votes and jury votes. Some of the winning ideas will also be implemented in the torch relay process. The winners were:



General: 1st place, ‘Train to PyeongChang’; 2nd place, ‘Torch Relay on Ari Hills Zip Wire’, ‘HUBO (the world’s greatest humanoid robot) promotes the robot technology of Korea to the world’, ‘The legend of Korea, Internet of Torch’; 3rd place, ‘Korea’s Welfare Centers Relay Bridging & Bringing to the Spotlight’, ‘Pororo Visits PyeongChang Village’, ‘Flower Sedan Chair Torch Relay to Mimic Tradtitional Korean Wedding Ceremony’, Where is the Torch Now? – Geolocation Service’.



Student: 1st place, ‘Kim Se-jin, Robotic Leg Swimmer’, 2nd place, ‘From Seoul to PyeongChang’, ‘Going Back in Time’, ‘Torch Relay in Harmony with Korean Beauty’, ‘Torch Flame in My Hands’; 3rd place, ‘Carry the Torch in Korea, Nation of Dreams’, ‘Let DMZ Soldiers Carry the Torch!’, ‘Torch relay with Korea’s traditional transport means’, ‘THE WILL OF FIRE IN A COLD’.



The 1st place winning idea of the general public, ‘Train to PyeongChang’ is an idea for the torch relay to utilize trains as torchbearers. 1st prize winner, YOON Seo-hyun, mentioned, “I was inspired by the movie, ‘Train to Busan’ and surprised to find out that trains have never been the actual ‘torch bearer’ in any torch relay.”



The winners were awarded at the 500 days-to-go celebration in Hangang Park by POCOG President LEE Hee-beom. President Lee said, “I would like to thank everyone who took part in the worldwide contest. There were many creative ideas submitted and I look forward to seeing the ideas be implemented during the torch relay. ‘OPEN! Mission Relay’ shows that PyeongChang 2018 Torch Relay will truly be an event for all.’



POCOG Press Office


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