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Toronto 2015 Closing Ceremony Live chat

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Spoiler alert - Kanye West is performing. He's going to spoil these ceremonies.

Did Serena Ryder just leave the 88 Winter Olympics ceremony?

Not the best logo i've seen but better than the abomination Toronto gave us (sorry guys. I just dont like it)

Well f**k me in the ass and call me b**ch I did not know that!!! I've tried watching ESPN 1 and 2 online and they've always required a TV subscription. Was the OC on ESPN3 as well???

Not sure, I just got the info from Google literally 5 minutes before the ceremony started lol

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How embarrassing for Canada that they don't even have an outlet to watch the closing ceremony of the Pan American games but the US does!

And ugh Pitbull. I despise him almost as much as Kanye, but at least he's f**kable material! :D

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Pitbull....great, the dreadful memories of the 2014 WC opening are coming back to me. Thanks, guys.

Be grateful he's wearing a suit this time. He looked like a major nerd with what he was wearing during the WC it was hilarious!

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