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13th EYOF Tbilisi 2015 - European Youth Olympic Festival

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In two hours, the 13th European Youth Olympic Festival begins in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. After Baku, another country of the caucasus will be helding another sport event (yet on a much minor scale than the European Games)




Official Competition Schedule: http://tbilisi2015.com/en/program



Rehearsals for the opening ceremony (which will have around 1200 volunteers and will be somewhat more spectacular than the usual EYOF ceremonies)


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Woa, so many empty seats. Very embarassing for the organizing comittee I guess :unsure: (The EYOF are a very small event, i know, but still this is pretty much the first multisport event Georgia is doing ever since its independence. )

Nice representation of ancient Georgian kingdom (they're also the second oldest christian country in the world after Armenia)

Now the Chochkha dancers. Looks like each group is representing each region of Georgia (I think they are also representing Abkhazia and Ossetia despite they, well, you know :lol: )


And now the entrance of Georgian flag

Why all former soviet countries anthem are so epic.

And once again we're keeping this new trend of starting the ceremonies at dawn. I guess Rio will do the same next year

The torch looks like the lovechild of SLC and London torches. XD

The parade of nations begin. The athletes are coming out of the huge Argos ship. Not a bad idea but I think it would had worked much better if the ship was of a major scale.

Oh dear, the stadium is still half empty. I doubt all those seats are for just the athletes only.

One thing is for sure. Russia is going to get booed horribly (much like how Armenia was booed at Baku)

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And as expected, the russian team is greeted by booing and whistling, though the loud music is kind of covering it.

Like the DJ playing music on top of the Argos ship, btw :P

The stream is a pain in the butt to watch though, since it doesnt let me change the quality and its on HD by default, therefore freezing here and there

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