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First GB European Games logo comp - submissions thread

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Ok then, system update. The deadline for submissions is in 3 weeks today - FRIDAY 28 AUGUST at 12pm UK time. This is to give plenty of time for new people to join & for those in to make more - there are still whole countries waiting to join in, not to mention some more of GB's big hitters. The aim is to reveal the winner on 2024 deadline day, September 15. Good luck & happy continued logo-ing :)

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nothing kills a contest faster than "extended deadlines."

waiting an extra two weeks for that one last entry from that guy who ohmygosh wants to do this but is so busy with work and school and fighting with commenters on viral youtube pregnancy stunts kills all the previous momentum. people who had been excited about voting and picking a winner then lose interest and get wrapped up with work and school and fighting with commenters on viral youtube miscarriage stunts.

and me, who by all rights should be special drama consultant for all contests, is never even consulted.

i propose a vote on monday and a three page plagiarism scandal over the weekend.

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Ok then, since this thread has died completely, I think it's time to start wrapping things up. I'm giving four days notice from now to give any last-minute entrants a chance, so the new submission deadline is MONDAY AT 2PM UK TIME. We'll start voting shortly after that :)

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