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First GB European Games logo comp - submissions thread

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Tokyo, Japan - 23 July 2015

TOCOG: So Soyoshi, as our unofficial mascot, we'll show you our logo before anyone else! What do you think?

Soyoshi: Meh. I come from Gamesbids.com, they had a Tokyo 2020 logo comp at Christmas - I'll show you a few of them, they're better than that. *shows some logos*

TOCOG: No. We've paid lots of yen for this logo, we're not changing it. Bye Soyoshi!

Disappointed, a bitter Soyoshi made his way home across Tokyo. On his way, he had an idea. If TOCOG wouldn't appreciate Gamesbids logos, someone else might - & at home on Yoshi Island, he realised he might be able to help save a struggling new sporting event in the process.

25 July

The day after seeing the official logo unveiled, Soyoshi travels on the Tokyo metro to Narita airport & boards a flight. He's on his way to Europe...


Ladies & gentlemen, the European Games are in peril. It seems like nobody wants them in 2019, which would be a shame. So let's see if we can't inspire someone to bite the bullet & go for it.



Bit of a different format for this compared to normal comps, instead of giving you a set of cities to make logos for, I'm going to give you a clutch of countries - 12 of them. All are countries that are unlikely to fit a modern Summer Olympics but would be able to cope with a Euros - if only they wanted to. Here are the douze pays - the countries on the list:

01 Republic of Ireland

02 Portugal

03 Belgium

04 Denmark

05 Sweden

06 Switzerland

07 Czech Republic

08 Romania

09 Finland

10 Poland

11 Serbia

12 Austria

So, this is a bit of a free for all. Each player can:

Make a logo for any city in any of the countries in the list.

Only enter one logo per person per country.

Enter a logo for a city in as many or as few of the countries as they like.

A couple of advisory notes:

This is a comp for the 2019 games, so that's the year to pick.

Do make your cities practical - although there's obvious comic potential in making a logo for Fucking, Austria, for example, all logos should be for cities of at least decent size. I trust your common sense on this.

When you post an entry/entries, just put the country with it, ideally with the number of the entry for the country. So if the last Austrian entry had Austria 3 under it, just put Austria 4. Not mandatory, but it'll help me & Rols when we're getting ready for voting.

As for deadlines & voting:

There's a lot of cities in 12 countries, & a lot of great designers on this board. So I'm gonna give you all plenty of time. In keeping with the free spirit of the comp, we'll be seeing how we go on this, but the submission period will go for at least 2 weeks, & almost certainly no longer than a month.

When we do get to voting, all entrants in each country will battle it out with the other entrants in that country, in polls. More on that, & what'll happen after they're done, when we get closer to it.

Finally, thanks once again to Rols, who's agreed to help me out when I need it, & most importantly, good luck & happy logo-ing to all :)

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Here's my submission for Vienna Austria. It is classically inspired to pay homage to the history of Austria and Vienna, but has modernism to show that the nation and city look to the future and intertwine it with the past. Red is taken from the national flag of Austria and the silver is taken from the European Games medals.


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Yay, submissions! :) I should say, as I'm sure most are already aware, the European Games do not have a standard symbol, like the Olympic Rings, OCA sun, or CWG whatever-the-crap-that-thing-is. So the whole logo is totally free for design!

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Portugal 2:

20032714938_9055755b96_z.jpgLogo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr

Porto is the 2nd largest city in Portugal. The logo features a simplistic representation of the Dom Luís I Bridge that crosses the Douro River of the city. According to Wikipedia, Porto is often referred to as Cidade das Pontes (City of the Bridges) and this is represented in the logo. The Portuguese colours of Red and Green are also represented by the logo.

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Gothenberg, Sweden. Blues are to the left to show Gothenberg's essential historical role as a port town that connected the Atlantic Ocean to the nation. The city is now the second largest in the nation. The colors inside the G (for Gothenberg) are arranged in a swirl because swirls are kinda viking-ish, right? Colors represent diversity (and harmony and stuff) and the modern-ness of the logo is used to show that the city is a modern city. A crown tops it all off, because Sweden! :P

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Finland 2(Turku):


(Just trying to submit my bad designing skills and see how it goes lol)

Blue curve represents Aura River in Turku. Brown thing on the left is symbolic representation of Turku Castle. Purple and yellow means day and night - representation of Games' period. Green square is the field/stadium where the action happens.

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